Drainage systems are more than just holes in the soil. Trench and French styles are two effective approaches to move water offsite, but the difference between them is often misunderstood.   The confusion between trench and French drains is understandable for anyone outside the industry. The terms rhyme, they both involve trenches, and French drains […]

Whether the project is construction or excavation, everything starts with laying a good foundation. Sites require diligent preparation before a project can get off the ground.   Site preparation is where a building’s future starts — a delicate time where professional care and respect for procedures set the project’s standard. Quality site prep is a […]

Trenches may be mostly empty, but they’re full of hazards that can cost workers their lives. Learn what the risks are and what every firm should know about safety.   Trench shoring – the process of steadying trench walls to prevent collapses or cave-ins – is an essential aspect of all excavation work. These walls […]

Clearing snow and ice is a heavy job that requires more than just bulldozing the problem. Learn more about how the best professionals handle the situation. It may surprise our readers to know that there’s a non-profit trade association with a focus on training, events, and best practices related to snow plowing, ice handling, and […]

Heavy snow is a liability for business owners and something you should have a professional handle   Wintertime isn’t just a season when people pack on a few extra pounds. Mother Nature does it too in the form of heavy snow. Snow slows traffic, closes schools, and can cause quite a bit of chaos, but […]

Your business may be small, but going green is the biggest and best move it can make. Discover some sound changes that can make a huge difference to the environment and your bottom line.   One of Mikula Contracting’s core values is that we care how we affect our customers, our community, and our world. […]

On a sweltering day when the sun feels like it’s about 10 feet over your head, there is nothing quite as nice as jumping into a pool. Whether you actually swim, float, or just submerge yourself up to your chin, once you’re in, you don’t feel like getting out for a while. A pool can […]

Excavations are a delicate process. Failure to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines can cause lasting harm to the public, the environment, and your business’s bottom line. There’s much more to a successful excavation than digging a hole and filling it well. Factors like stormwater, pollutants, power conduits, and public safety all come into […]

Commercial pools work overtime to keep crowds happy, and eventually, time and use take their toll on even the best-maintained facilities. Here’s how long you can expect a pool to last and what to do when it’s removal time. Commercial pools are built to be tough, but eventually, they all need to be removed or […]

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