Commercial Pool Removal in Northern New Jersey

Everybody loves the idea of an inground swimming pool. It’s a fantastic way to relax, unwind, and soak up the sun. However, there are so many reasons why a commercial swimming pool might seem like a better idea than it actually is. 


A commercial swimming pool is a great perk of many apartment complexes, university dorms, water parks, resorts, and hotels. However, with increased insurance and taxes, as well as the potential financial burden of seemingly constant maintenance, many commercial property owners find themselves wishing for an inground pool removal.


Whatever your specific reason for wanting a commercial swimming pool removal, let the team of professionals at Mikula Contracting, Inc. handle not only the pool removal process, but the filling of the remaining pool cavity as well as all cleanup to get your space looking as good as new.

Pool Fill


Before we can remove any inground pool, whether it be residential or commercial, is to drain all of the water from it. After all of the pool water is removed, we’ll start breaking up the pool itself. We’ll break up the bottom of the pool, as well as the sides, into small pieces. Then, we’ll remove those pieces and properly dispose of them. 


After that element is completed, we’ll be looking at a big gaping hole in your property, but not for long. Our team of contractors will fill the space with backfill material. We’ll also compact and level it, so that any trace of your previous pool will disappear. We’ll make it look as though there was never a pool there. 


Pool Demolition and Removal


Completely demolishing and removing your pool is the most highly recommended option for those who are seeking a full pool removal. This process begins the same as the pool filling process; we’ll drain and remove any and all water still remaining in your pool. 


Once your pool is empty and completely dry, all ladders will be quickly removed so all that remains is the pool’s siding, lining, and floor. We’ll physically get into the empty pool and break up all elements into smaller, more manageable pieces. Once the pool is no longer in tact, but instead in small pieces, we’ll physically remove each of those pieces. 


Since we are full service pool removal contractors and demolition contractors, we will be handing the entirety of the demolition; this means you will not be responsible for the physical removal and disposal of your broken down pool. We will transport the broken down pieces of your pool to an affiliated landfill or recycling center. At Mikula Contracting, Inc. we understand that we have a responsibility to dispose of our materials as environmentally consciously as possible, and we take that very seriously. 


From here, the process of treating the land is the same as a pool fill. We’ll use backfill material to fill the hole, which we will then compact, level, and prep, ensuring that the property looks as natural as possible. 


As mentioned previously, the team at Mikula are full service pool removal contractors, which means that we will handle every element of the process, including taking care of your town’s required inspections and permits. This will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 


If you’ve been toying with the idea of possibly getting rid of your commercial property’s pool, why not give the team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. a call? We are happy to give you a free estimate as to what the project would cost, and we’ll also provide you with a timeline as to when the work can be completed by. 


At Mikula Contracting, Inc. we’ve been performing pool removal services across New Jersey for decades, and these decades of experience have left us completely confident in our abilities to expertly handle your pool removal. If you’d like a free consultation and a free quote from the best contractors in the area, get in contact with the team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. today!

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