When you are ready to start new construction, you may already be aware that the site must first be inspected and evaluated. But where do you start? One of the best ways to gain a sampling of the soil is through test pits and trenches. What is a test pit? The short answer to what […]

If you are looking to demolish an old garage taking up space in your backyard, there are a few things to consider first. The job will take more than a wrecking ball and sledgehammers banging into the structure. You will need to take down the building safely and then do the necessary work of removing […]

While it may be a common belief that men are typically interested in the construction business, there has been a rise of women in construction positions. At Mikula Contracting, women contribute significantly to our team and we take proactive measures to find talented women to hire in our business. It’s easy enough to make a […]

Having your very own pool in your backyard can sound desirable and ideal. But time goes on, and the pool maintenance fees stack up as the pool usage goes down. It may be time for pool removal services in NJ. A nice-sized pool can be pricey to remove, but the investment can cost much less […]

Before hiring a residential or commercial demolition contractor for your next project, it may be beneficial to know how the demolition process works. When you understand the aspects of your demolition project, you will be able to ask the right questions and know what to expect. Then you can have the knowledge to hire the […]

A lot of times, a project is delayed in getting started because of the excavation work that needs to be done. Many home-owners think the project can be done without professionals. How hard is it to take a sledgehammer to a pool? It’s much more challenging and dangerous than you think. And if you are in […]

You may think that a pool removal process is simple. You just drain the pool and fill it with dirt. Sounds easy enough, right? There are many factors to pool removal and in this blog we’ll answer some frequently asked questions.  We can take a look at all of the options for pool removal, including […]

Taking on a commercial demolition project is a huge undertaking and must be carefully planned and executed. Researching to find the right demolition company is vital to ensure that the project gets done safely and efficiently. You may have several construction questions regarding commercial demolition. And it’s important to take in as much knowledge as […]

Are excavation projects happening in the winter? Are excavation services available in the winter? For breaking through frozen ground, is the cost higher? You may have several questions about winter excavation. While winter sounds like a great time to hire a construction team for a project that you’d like done by the spring, you want […]

A backyard swimming pool can be a nice feature to enjoy in the hot summer months, but some homeowners find it a burden to keep up with maintenance and repair. Is the ongoing work and upkeep worth the benefit of having a private pool? Eventually, wear and tear take a toll, resulting in a situation […]

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