Commercial pools work overtime to keep crowds happy, and eventually, time and use take their toll on even the best-maintained facilities. Here’s how long you can expect a pool to last and what to do when it’s removal time. Commercial pools are built to be tough, but eventually, they all need to be removed or […]

This guide will help you figure it out When a business owner wants to improve his or her property, it is generally not too hard. There are quite a few landscaping or hardscaping ideas that can transform a property’s exterior, and improvements can attract more customers, convey a brand’s message, and offer several other benefits. […]

Pool removal is one of the trickiest excavation jobs there are. An amateur attempt will quickly create more problems than a hotel wants to handle. Hiring an experienced firm will make sure your property stays high and dry. Swimming pools can be a real jewel in a hotel’s crown. They add a certain degree of […]

Mikula offers eco-friendly services with environmental consultants that work alongside us to make it happen. Learn more about how these specialists help excavators operate safely and responsibly. At Mikula, we’re always happy to see how seriously our state now takes environmental responsibility. New Jersey alone has an impressive 739 environmental consultancy firms offering their services […]

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