Commercial Drainage Issues: The Solution for your Problem

It seems that New Jersey gets more rain each year. This steady increase in precipitation is causing significant problems for business owners. It can make parking lots a nightmare, ruin landscaping, and even potentially enter your building. Because of this plethora of potential issues, the team at Mikula Contracting Inc. strongly recommends our commercial drainage services. 


Parking Lot Drainage 


One of the most imperative elements you must consider is your commercial building’s parking lot. Whether you’re the CEO, property manager, or maintenance manager, you will likely need to tend to the commercial space’s parking lot, because if employees, shoppers, and/or clients cannot park at your building, you’re constantly losing business. Because of this, proper parking lot drainage is of the utmost importance. 


You’ve likely seen some small puddles of storm water throughout your commercial parking lot. Depending on the size and depth of these puddles, you may feel as though you can just let nature do its job and wait for them to evaporate, but these puddles are oxidizing and eroding your lots surface. 


The more puddles you have throughout your commercial property’s parking lot, the more likely it is for an accident to occur. Drivers could lose control of their vehicles and collide, but people can also trip and fall into the puddles. Both of these instances can yield significant lawsuits that you could be liable for. Just one of these lawsuits could cost you significantly more than having a drainage system installed. Avoid the potential litigation by going with drainage solutions!


Other Types of Drainage


The team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. can solve practically any drainage issue! We can install storm drainage systems, trench drains, and/or catch basins to collect and remove the excess water from your property. We can also provide you with a seepage pit and/or standing water drainage. 


Whatever your commercial drainage needs are, the professions at Mikula Contracting, Inc. can gladly provide you with efficient and environmentally friendly solutions! 


Mikula Contracting, Inc. has been providing the New Jersey area with drainage solutions for over 70 years. With decades of experience, we are confident in our expertise to deliver lasting results. 


If your commercial property is having drainage issues, reach out the the team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. for a complimentary consultation. 

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