Commercial Drainage Services in New Jersey

You’ve put a lot of money into your commercial property. The last thing you want to happen is drainage issues that cause thousands of dollars in damage. As a property owner, you need to keep things like water drainage in check and well-maintained. It may not be one of the more glamorous parts of owning property, but commercial drainage is an important component of keeping everything running right.

What Causes a Drainage Problem?

Commercial drainage systems are utilized to direct water away from your commercial buildings. This excess water commonly needs to be drained from rain and snow, sometimes landscape watering (including broken sprinklers), and, depending on your line of work, water from cleaning equipment or vehicles nearby. Where will the water all go when you don’t have a proper drainage system in place? The path of least resistance, which is often the path you don’t want it to go.

Problems Caused by Common Commercial Drainage Issues

When commercial drains that are in place don’t work properly, water can flow into the building, causing damage inside as well as outside. Landscaping on your property can be affected as well. If you are experiencing problems with your commercial drainage system, don’t wait for the problem to solve itself. Call a professional before it gets worse. All kinds of drainage solutions can be utilized to help the situation and minimize damage quickly.   

The safety of you, your employees, or others in the building can also be a concern when commercial drainage is not functioning properly. Mildew and mold can grow in damp areas, and if left unchecked, it can become extremely unhealthy to be around. Don’t forget the dangers of water and the presence of electricity together. It can become a dangerous situation very quickly.

Identifying Drainage Problems on Your Commercial Property in New Jersey

We all know how water can damage an area quickly. Whether it be from a heavy storm, a broken sprinkler, or simply washing the exterior of your commercial property, water can travel to all the wrong places. 

Issues don’t always show up as big problems, to begin with; they may appear as small areas of standing water in your parking lot or a place where water always seems to collect on your lawn. These kinds of things don’t seem like they’re a big deal now, but if you don’t make any changes to improve the situation, it will most likely become a much larger issue that ends up costing you big.

When you have a drainage problem, although you might not see the damage immediately, you will most likely see it appear down the road. It will show up in the way of:

  • Potholes in your parking lot
  • Landscaping dying
  • Soil erosion 
  • Foundation cracks
  • Sidewalk cracks or sinking
  • Areas for mosquito breeding
  • Mold and mildew

Types of Commercial Drainage Solutions We Provide

When you have the right commercial drainage system in place, you can be confident that your property is being protected from potential water damage. With the proper maintenance that occurs regularly, you will be golden.

There are many types of drainage systems out there that help direct water flow to the appropriate places, but you might be confused about what one to use for your commercial building. Let’s look at a few options.

Trench Drains

Trench drain systems are surface drainage techniques that can help water navigate away from your building using concrete channels or ditch-like areas. Spaces like warehouses and parking lots utilize trench drain setups frequently. There are several appealing and decorative options you can choose from, making the look much more desirable.

Land Grading

If your land isn’t graded correctly, then you could be fighting a battle that you can’t win. Fixing the grading of your property so that water flows away instead of towards it can be the solution you need. It sounds simple but it might require replacing landscaping and even hardscaping areas once it’s done.

French Drains

French drains are simply trenches that are filled with rocks or small gravel and perforated pipes that help distribute water. This commercial drainage method helps direct and allocate water sitting right under the top surface of dirt and moves it to a better, more helpful location.

Seepage Pits 

A seepage pit is a well that is lined with porous masonry. It is where waste from the building will discharge from a septic tank and is collected for gradual seepage into the ground. Before the wastewater is released to seep into the soil below it is first mixed with a biomat inside the seepage pit that cleanses the wastewater. This service has been increasingly popular with many of our commercial drainage clients. 

Mikula Contracting Is Your Solution for Commercial Drainage Issues in New Jersey

Mikula Contracting can help with any commercial drainage issues you may be experiencing. We can grade or excavate your property as needed and/or install catch basins or other drainage systems in order to properly solve any drainage problem. 

Give Mikula Contracting a call, and our experts will arrive onsite to explain the options that you have for a more efficient, working commercial drainage system to keep you and your property safe for years to come. 

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