How to Integrate Water Management into Your Excavation Projects

One integral part of a successful excavation project is making sure that water management is a priority. As the soil is being moved around and the site grading is completed, it’s essential to ensure that stormwater runoff moves in the ideal direction to avoid water damage to the structures on the property. 

An experienced excavation contractor knows the best ways to prepare for water management. Not only do these water management plans help with supporting water supplies, but they also protect our water source from contamination and the spread of water-borne diseases as well as keeping water from flooding or seeping into your home. 

Smart property owners can see that hiring a knowledgeable excavation contractor is a valuable investment. When you manage water properly, it protects your building, improves the value of your real estate, and reduces the impact of long-term soil shifting. These processes ensure that safety is the highest priority at all stages to reduce the risk of damage to the building and property while also protecting people on-site. Some of the biggest components of water management include property grading, seepage pits, and trench drains to name a few. Working with an experienced contractor is essential to ensure proper water management is included in your excavation project. 

Assess the Land

The first step is to assess the land and identify the specific needs of the project. Not only will your excavation contractor complete a visual inspection, but they might also recommend soil testing and other evaluations to get a clear idea of what they are working with.

This assessment helps with the management of water conservation while also delivering potable water to the property. In addition to preserving water resources that are available, it’s also important to build a water system that controls runoff while preventing pollution and contamination. 

Site assessment is the foundation for ensuring success with future construction activities. This assessment also helps to determine if the site is suitable for the planned construction.

The land assessment also looks at potential hazards that must be addressed during the excavation and construction phases. We can implement control procedures to minimize the risk and ensure safety at every step. We look at the ways the environment might be affected by construction and future business activities. It’s important to consider these factors when designing the project scope of work. 

Consult with an Expert in Drainage

Drainage is an essential factor, especially because it’s inevitable that stormwater will need to be managed in the future. An expert understands that every site is unique, offering personalized recommendations during the planning phases. 

It’s vital that you are proactive with this planning stage before construction begins. So, talk to an excavation contractor without delay. The goal is to evaluate water needs and implement effective strategies as part of the construction plan. Waiting to handle water management later in the construction process can result in a significant cost because of the changes in the scope of work that must be integrated. 

At Mikula Contracting, we offer a full-service commissioning plan to manage all water systems, including utilities, potable water, and drainage. Every client receives personalized recommendations based on the site plans and anticipated needs in the future.

Determine the Proper Drainage

You need to anticipate future water demands as well as long-term water usage on the site. Your excavation contractor should offer full-service planning to address every aspect of water management. Learn more about the plan and implementation by asking questions such as:

  • How will you be reducing the risk of water damage to the foundation of the building? 
  • What are the strategies to prevent waterlogging?
  • Which irrigation methods will be used to ensure the ideal amount of water is reaching plants?
  • How can we minimize water waste?
  • How will clean, potable water be delivered to the site? 
  • How are you planning to control erosion? 
  • What are your water conservation strategies?

Our team at Mikula Contracting evaluates all construction and excavation risk factors that must be addressed, including commissioning, excavation, re-pressurization when systems are stopped and started, demolition, design efficiency, utility connections, and more. 

Implement the Drainage Solution(s)

Once your plan is in place and it’s time to move forward with construction activities, you can have confidence knowing that our team will implement the best water management strategies for your site. We use various types of trenching and excavation methods depending on the future plans for the site. These methods can be effective for everything from landscaping and gardens to urban infrastructure and civil engineering.

Trenching also establishes the groundwork necessary for future phases of construction. For example, we can prepare the property for utility installation, such as laying cables and electrical lines, telecommunication services, fiber optics, and more. These methods are essential to ensure an organized and safe pathway underground, with everything protected and concealed to reduce the risk of damage.

At the same time, our team of experienced excavation contractors is always thinking about the aesthetics of your property. We understand the importance of prioritizing both function and beauty to ensure that your final construction turns out as planned and offers long-term durability for the future.

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