Garage Demolition Contractor in New Jersey

When searching for the right contractor for a garage demolition, there are several factors to consider. If you don’t know where to start, it is best to understand what the project entails. Look for a contractor like Mikula that is experienced in residential demolition. Feel free to ask all of your questions to show that you have done your research on the topic. 

A garage demolition can be a lengthy process as it is the removal of a building from your property. Whether you have an attached garage or a detached unit, you can find out what to expect from your garage demolition project. 

Garage Demolition Process

Many factors go into residential garage demolition. The project can be complex or straightforward, depending on the existing structure and its condition. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Plumbing: Some garages have sinks or hoses connected to them. If you are looking into garage demolition, you will need to be aware that the wiring and pipes are part of that process. Provide the contractor with the answers they need before getting a garage demolition estimate. 
  • Foundation: Some backyard garages can have dirt floors, which can make the demolition easier. But if the foundation is a solid, concrete slab, then the destruction of the foundation will add to the project’s length and cost. 
  • Building Materials: When demolishing a garage, look into the materials used to build the structure. If the garage is comprised of brick, the demolition will be more intense based on the weight of the materials alone. If it is primarily a wooden structure, the project will be easier. The good news is that most materials from a garage demolition are reusable and can be recycled for future use. 
  • Hazardous Materials: If the garage is old and beaten down, it is possible that lead paint or asbestos can be found inside. Our contracting team will go through the proper safety procedures to test for and remove such hazardous materials. This procedure will contribute to the garage removal costs. 
  • Electrical: Electricity running into a garage is common in order to use tools or have lighting in the garage unit. Safely deconstructing the electrical wiring is part of comprehensive garage demolition. 

When you embark on a garage demolition, be ready to supply our contractor with specifics of your garage. 

Take a look at the steps taken in a garage demolition. 

Garage Inspection

Our demolition team will come out to inspect the garage and see what the project will require. Proper permits will be acquired. We can get the permits, draw the markouts, and complete the town checklist. Our expert team will ensure that hazardous materials are not present. Or if they are, they will go through the removal process. 

Then the building materials, gas, water, electricity, and foundation will be inspected. Once the details of the project are determined, the demolition contractors will be able to make a plan. 

Complete Demolition

Once the building has been inspected, complete demolition is the next step. This can happen by way of using an excavator for small building structures. With the proper equipment and safety gear, the garage demolition can be completed in under a week. 

There are some instances that require a partial demolition if you would like to keep the foundation in place or a part of the building. The concrete slab can be repurposed into a patio, fire pit, or sports court. Keeping the concrete slab can save you money on demolition costs. 

Debris Cleanup

A large part of garage demolition is debris cleanup. Once the building has fallen, and all that is left is rubble, that junk has to be removed from the site. You may think this is the easy part, loading up a truck and taking it to the junkyard. Consider a few things: 

  • Reuse of nonrenewable materials: Building materials like cinder blocks, concrete, and wood are valuable. These materials can be reused in future construction projects. 
  • Dumpster rental: The cost of a dumpster rental can add up when you are loading it up with a whole building’s worth of debris. Compare the cost of dumpster rental vs. letting a demolition team take care of the cleanup. 
  • Trips to the dump and manpower: If you choose to load up your truck yourself and take several trips to the dump, it may take a lot of time and energy. You will miss out on recycling the raw materials and may even have to take different trips to the recycling center if the dump rejects some debris. Save time by enlisting Mikula’s demolition team for cleanup services. 

When you realize how long the debris cleanup can be, it may be best to leave it to us. Then, our demolition team can load up the debris and quickly sort it to the correct places without taking multiple trips. Once the area is cleared, the Mikula team can backfill the hole or dig for a new foundation. 

Garage Demolition Costs in NJ

The average cost for garage demolition in the United States is $4-$8 per square foot. All of the factors mentioned above will go into determining the price. You can speak with a contractor to get an estimate on your garage demolition cost. 

If you look at all aspects of a garage demolition, you can see that it is not an easy project to take on. However, our experienced contractors at Mikula Contracting know what to look for and how to handle a garage demolition safely and thoroughly. 

NJ Garage Demolition Contractor

Our team at Mikula Contracting would love to help you with your garage demolition. What sets our company apart from all other demolition contractors in NJ is our experience, reputation, and dedication to our customers. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build a life-long relationship so that we can be there for any future contracting needs. 

When you find a trusted contractor, it saves the hours of research and finding referrals for your future projects. Contact our professional contractors to learn more about your garage demolition service. We can answer all of the tough questions and leave you feeling at ease with your decision to hire our team. Call today for a free quote.