New Jersey Commercial Excavation Services

Commercial Excavation in New Jersey

Perhaps your company is going through a major development or expansion. Maybe an environmental cleanup is necessary. It’s also possible that your pipes and lines require extensive repair. Whatever the reason, you need commercial excavation services. This is not something most businesses have to deal with regularly so you may be wondering where to turn.

Excavation services involve more than just moving dirt around. In addition, any excavation work must be done quickly, efficiently, and safely. You can trust the experts at Mikula Contracting Inc. for all your commercial excavation needs.

What Does Commercial Excavation Entail?

  • Heavy equipment – in addition to excavators, you may also see bulldozers, backhoes, front-end loaders, steam shovels, and tractors.
  • Site Preparation and Planning – before any work is done, commercial excavation involves making sure the soil and land can support your foundation and structure.
  • Earthmoving – while this is not all they do, excavation companies typically do move lots of dirt and land.

Different Types of Commercial Excavation Services We Offer

At Mikula Contracting we offer various commercial excavation services throughout New Jersey.

Clearing Land

If your commercial property has a large boulder, lots of debris, or trees that need to be removed or the site needs to be graded to make it level, you will require excavation expertise. These services are often indispensable in construction planning to solve drainage issues and prevent loss of topsoil and reduce erosion.

Damaged Pipes

If the water line to your building stops working, it might require excavation services to repair it. This will ensure that crews can access the affected line without causing further damage. Excavation could also be necessary for small demolition jobs where water pipes have to be installed.

Drainage Solutions

Excess water on your commercial property can damage your foundation and create health and safety issues. You may need to have a seepage pit installed, which entails the services of a licensed excavation professional.

Environmental Cleansing

Sometimes, the soil around your foundation could become contaminated. This could be due to a leaky underground septic tank, industrial activity or improper disposal of waste. This poses a health hazard to the surrounding community and must be removed. If so, you need licensed excavation professionals to handle it correctly and ensure that the danger is completely eliminated.

Securing Your Foundation

The biggest part of construction is digging. In any construction project, you need an excavation expert to make sure the land can support the planned foundation. This is important whether you are planning an addition to your structure, an entirely new building or performing a specific type of demolition project.

Trench Shoring

This is basically the process of strengthening the walls of a trench to prevent collapse. Underground utility installation and servicing a septic system are two of the most common reasons for this kind of excavation service. Since a majority of your plumbing system is located underground and there are dozens of types of trench boxes, expertise and precision are essential. It’s vital to hire a top-quality excavation company to handle it properly, use the right equipment and prevent injury to other parts of your commercial property.

Need a New Jersey Commercial Excavation Contractor? Mikula Contracting Can Help!

For demolition, disposal, drainage, excavation and trucking, and material delivery, you can trust Mikula Contracting. We have the talent, capability, and capacity to handle even your toughest excavation demands. We service Essex, Passaic, Hudson, Bergen, Union, and Morris counties. Call today for a fast quote.

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