Commercial Excavation: The Services Provided by Mikula Contracting, Inc.

With over 70 years of experience in the construction business, Mikula Contracting, Inc. is the go to family-run excavation company for all of your commercial excavation needs.  Whether you need excavation construction, foundation excavation, rock removal, or trench excavation we are the land clearing contractor for all of your commercial construction needs.  

Our many commercial excavation services include:

Site Excavation:

As a New Jersey Excavating Contractor our company has a fleet of our own equipment that can handle any size site excavation.   While providing excavation construction services, Mikula Contracting uses a full range of excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, among various other pieces of equipment necessary to complete the site excavation.  

Excavations of Foundations:

Whether it’s a new home development or addition to an existing structure,  Mikula Contracting will excavate for your new foundations.   Foundation excavations come in all sizes and Mikula Contracting has the equipment to fit any size project.  We work with the top area builders and developers to provide this excavation service.  

Utility Trench Excavation:

Safety is our number one factor when performing a utility trench excavation.  Mikula Contracting uses trench shoring boxes for all utility trench excavations.  Some of our trench shoring excavation services include installation underground utilities and also sewer excavations. Additionally, we provide utility trenches for many commercial trade services.   

Land Clearing:

Mikula Contracting has all sizes of equipment for clearing land in New Jersey.  Site developments which need land clearing from under one acre to multiple acres is our specialty.  Our equipment fleet provides the solution no matter the scale of the site.

Seepage Pits:

Drainage provides many complex issues for property owners and developers.  Mikula Contracting provides drainage solutions that include the installation of seepage pits.  Seepage pit installation is performed on the property and drovides a drainage field underground for any excess water.  

Grading and Compaction:

When it comes to commercial grading, Mikula Contracting uses a wide range of equipment to ensure the project will get completed efficiently.   Commercial compaction includes making sure that the ground is ready to be developed to the engineer’s satisfaction.  

Material Removal:

Our commercial material removal services include both demolition debris in addition to common fill removal.    

Rock Stabilization and Removal:

As an excavation company we come across boulders that sometimes require removal from a property.  As a result we make sure to have equipment large enough to handle most boulders.  We also provide rock wall installation for larger properties.