Environmental Cleanup Contractor in NJ

When a hazardous spill occurs, it often requires an emergency response. Therefore, you want a team with experience in field services to clean up the spill the moment it happens. It’s worth more than money can buy when you receive the peace of mind that the mess will be cleaned up and not affect the community or the environment. 

If you have experienced a spill of oil or hazardous chemicals and need environmental clean up services, do not panic. Instead, leave it to the experts. Contact our professional team of excavators at Mikula Contracting to learn more about the quality services that are available. Our team of trusted environmental clean up contractors can help with soil remediation, contaminated soil disposal, and more. 

Environmental Cleanup Services

We follow specific rules and regulations in order to help you maintain healthy soil – free of contaminants. Our expert environmental cleanup services give you the peace of mind to know that our team will properly clear the contaminated soil and replace it with clean dirt that allows plants and greenery to thrive. 

With 75 years of experience in excavation and environmental clean up, Mikula Contracting is ready to solve your contaminated soil problem. Our services span residential, commercial, and industrial services. We have seen it all, from gas station spills to chemical spills at factories. 

Here are some examples of the services that we provide. 

Test Pit Excavation

When environmental clean up services are necessary, you must test the soil first to find out if it is contaminated. The test pit excavation is part of that process and we’ll work hand-in-hand with the testing experts before beginning a full excavation project. 

If you need test pit excavation, then we are here to help. Our team works with many environmental consultants and engineers who are working with samples. We’ll dig multiple test pits on the property, so the ideal samples can be sent out for testing.

If you suspect contaminated soil in the earth, we can dig and utilize our environmental partners to determine if the dirt is hazardous or non-hazardous. Once we have identified the safety of the soil, then we can begin site remediation to solve the problem. 

Commercial and Residential Tank Removal

Is a tank leak causing contaminated materials to seep into the soil? Then it’s time to call us at Mikula Contracting! We provide underground tank removal services. If you have an existing tank that is leaking, you can count on Mikula for immediate spill response and environmental clean up services. 

By collaborating with environmental consultants, we determine the optimal amount of material to remove. Then, our team clears the site to remove contamination. Finally, we bring clean and/or certified fill material to restore the site. Rest assured knowing that we include everything from removing the contaminated materials to transporting and placing clean fill on the property.

Soil Contamination Removal

Our soil remediation services are the perfect fit after you finish soil testing. At Mikula Contracting, we offer load out services to remove all contaminated materials from the site. 

Our many years of experience in the industry ensure top-notch results for every project. We provide full-service solutions, including bringing clean or certified fill back to your site after the contaminated soil is removed. We guarantee quality results, leaving no contamination behind when we are done with each job.

NJ Environmental Cleanup Contractor

It is invaluable to find an experienced team when it comes to environmental clean up. Meet with a few contractors and come prepared with tough questions. You can ask for their customer reviews, insurance information, licenses and permits, and an itemized list of the soil remediation process. There is no reason to shy away from asking questions, and every contractor should happily address every concern you present. 

Our team at Mikula Contracting can be trusted for your environmental clean up. Often, this emergency service causes panic and unneeded stress. When you contact an experienced team like ours, you will see that we are well-prepared with the proper equipment and procedures to solve the problem in no time. Contact us today for a quote!

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