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You may find yourself with an old oil tank on your property that isn’t getting any use these days. It is time for commercial tank removal by Mikula Contracting, but you don’t know where to start. When you get rid of the oil tank, your property can be put to better use. Do not be deterred by the possible cost surrounding such a project. Instead, take action to get your commercial property up to the quality that you desire. 

Oil Tank Removal Factors

Commercial oil tanks used to be common for heating the building 30 years ago, and now properties are being sold with underground oil tanks that are no longer in working condition. Many times, sellers are asked to remove the tank before closing the sale. Here are some factors that go into the underground tank removal: 

  • Obsolete Underground Storage Tanks: One reason commercial tank removal is preferred is the high cost of maintaining an underground oil tank. Digging and ripping up the land for repairs is not ideal. And a furnace has proven to be more efficient in heating a building. 
    1. Environmental Implication: If the tank leaks, the oil can spill into the soil, which would force you to call upon environmental services for soil remediation. As underground oil tanks become older, the leaks will become more common and lead to expensive reparations.
    2. Resale Value: Commercial tank removal is prevalent today because buildings are not selling due to outdated underground oil tanks on the property. Real estate investments in commercial buildings with oil tanks are not happening until the oil tank is removed. 
  • Permit Approval: Most cities require permits for commercial tank removal. This process can take 5-7 business days for permit approval. Our contractor will work with the local utility company to get the land marked up so they know where to find the oil tank. They will also complete the checklist required by the town before breaking ground. 
  • Timeline: After the permit has been received, the commercial tank removal process can take 1-2 days. It is not a lengthy process to dig up and remove an oil tank once the land has been marked up and the required license is obtained. 
  • Repairing the Land after Removal: Of course, commercial tank removal requires digging up the land and removing some shrubbery and landscaping that may be over the tank. The contracting team will fill the hole and grade the ground so you’ll have a blank slate for your next project. 

The removal and replacement of an oil tank are affected by many factors. Often, building owners will choose not to replace the oil tank but opt for a furnace instead. The furnace is already up and running in many cases, and the oil tank is sitting unused. 

Who We Serve

If you need commercial tank removal, you are an ideal candidate for our services. Businesses that could benefit include airports, hospitals, civic buildings, schools, industrial facilities, and office buildings. 

Insurance and Licensing

Along with receiving the licensing for the oil tank removal, our contracting company will have the insurance needed to cover commercial tank removal. 

In cases where the commercial oil tanks have not been used for years and are essentially tank abandonment, our team must take the proper safety precautions for tank remediation. This includes checking for spills, coordinating the removal of oil and cleaning the tank, removing the tank, and having the required insurance for a project of such grandeur. 

Areas We Serve

We have happily served the whole state of New Jersey for over 70 years. Most of our services are focused on Northern New Jersey. 

Our expert contractors do not only focus on commercial tank removal. We specialize in commercial and residential excavation projects. With continual education and updated equipment with new technology and methods, our team can offer you the most efficient process of excavation out there. 

Here are some other services you might be interested in: 

  • Snow Removal 
  • Pool Removal 
  • Demolition 
  • Soil Remediation 
  • Foundation Repair 
  • Clearing and Leveling Land 
  • Pipe Removal and Replacement 
  • Draining Solutions

Do not hesitate to ask about excavation services that are not mentioned in this list. If you have a residential or commercial need, we can help. 

Commercial Oil Tank Removal in NJ

At Mikula Contracting, we have been serving the communities of New Jersey with pride throughout the years. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding commercial tank removal or any excavation project. Contact us today for a consultation on your next excavation need. 

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