New Jersey Residential Drainage Services

At Mikula Contracting, our expert team is here to help when you need to call a residential drainage contractor. Whether it’s time to upgrade with a proper drainage system or you need to troubleshoot your current system, we bring the skills, experience, and tools needed to protect your property from water damage.

Not only do we offer the services you need, but we take the time to talk to each homeowner about the project. This education process helps you learn about what we are doing, so you can see the benefits and results when we are finished.

Common Residential Drainage Issues

At Mikula Contracting, our full-service solutions are available for everything related to residential drainage in New Jersey including:

  • Storm water damage 
  • Street water
  • Rainwater drainage
  • Driveway drainage
  • Lawn and backyard water
  • Trench drainage systems 
  • Ground and land drainage
  • Seepage pit drainage
  • Standing water drainage

We can install a sump pump, clear a large collector drain, and ensure that you have a residential drainage system that works optimally.

It’s smart to call a residential drainage contractor for assistance, especially when you don’t have the knowledge or experience to identify common drainage issues. We start by diagnosing the problem and identifying the root causes. Then, our team at Mikula Contracting gets to work to clear the water issues and protect your home.

Problems Caused by Poor Drainage

Don’t underestimate the damage that can happen with a seemingly small water issue. For example, a small incline can direct the water towards or away from the house. If the initial excavation doesn’t manage this incline, you might find it challenging to avoid water pooling around your foundation.

Potential issues of poor drainage include damage to asphalt and concrete, overflowing gutters, structural damage, basement water stains, erosion, wood rot, mold growth, pest infestations, and deterioration of building materials.

Different systems are designed to keep the water away, helping to minimize the risk of foundation drainage problems, rot, and various types of water damage. In addition to fixing the excavation, we can assist with downspout and gutter systems.

Finding the Cause of Your Drainage Problems

The first step is to identify the root cause. Anyone can clear away the surface water, but the problem will keep coming back if you don’t get to the main issues.

Call a residential drainage contractor, such as Mikula Contracting, to inspect the slope drainage systems and evaluate the way the water is moving. After we complete the inspection, we put together a customized plan to solve the issues and prevent problems in the future.

Residential Drainage Solutions

There are many types of drainage solutions you can implement on your property. Here are a few potential solutions that a residential drainage contractor, like Mikula Contracting, might recommend.

Extend Your Downspout

Adjust the downspout, so the water is flowing away from the home. This repair seems simple, but it can make a big difference in keeping the flowing water from affecting the foundation and structure of the property.

Install a French Drain or Dry Well

If the water can’t be directed away, then make sure you have a drainage solution to minimize the risk of pooling surface water. For example, a French drain is often a good solution. Or consider a dry well that can store and slowly disperse collected water. 

Add an Underground Drainage Pipe

Another possibility is to put in a drainage pipe that runs underground. This installation is a great way to move a lot of water away from the house.

Other Drainage Systems

There are many other possibilities. An excellent residential drainage contractor offers a customized approach since every home is unique.

Drainage Services Provided

Our goal is to help you avoid mildew and structural damage by installing a drainage system that works. Whether you need surface drainage, slope drains, or other services, Mikula Contracting is just a phone call away. Here are some of our most popular services.

Ground and Land Drainage

Drainage systems allow water to flow freely from the ground, helping to maximize land use. A residential drainage contractor can help with above-ground drainage systems or in-ground drainage that is below ground level using pipes and fittings. 

Backyard and Lawn Drainage

Even if you are proactive about excavation, there are potential low spots that can gather water. We can help by adjusting the yard’s slope to ensure the water is moving away from your home. Or, if it’s a big low spot, then it might make sense to put in an underground drainage system, so the standing water doesn’t damage your landscaping and lawn.

Rain Water Drainage

When the rain starts pouring, have the peace of mind of knowing that the water runoff isn’t going to damage your home. These systems use gutters to move the water from the roof into the groundwater drainage system. Not only can a residential drainage contractor help install the rainwater drainage, but it’s also important to be proactive about checking and maintaining the system to minimize blockages from debris.

Driveway Drainage

Does the water flow away from your house and down the driveway to the street? Good drainage not only protects your home but also minimizes the risk of dangerous ice spots during the winter months.

Seepage Pit Installation

A seepage pit involves a lined hole in the ground designed to collect water. This type of drainage system disperses the water so it can absorb slowly into the soil.

Standing Water Drainage

When there are non-porous or low spots in the yard, it results in standing water. Hiring a residential drainage contractor to add a drainage system can solve this problem.

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For more information about water drainage problems and solutions, reach out to Mikula Contracting, a residential drainage contractor, who is ready to give you a complimentary consultation and quote for necessary services. Contact us today to get started!

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