Residential Demolition & Disposal

Do you need to get rid of an unwanted building and don’t know where to start? Demolition can be complicated and potentially dangerous, which is why it’s best to skip the DIY project and call a New Jersey demolition contractor for help.

Mikula Contracting is a family-run business leader in the residential demolition industry. With over 75 years of service to the greater New Jersey area, we take pride in being your first choice for a local residential demolition contractor.

The team of general contractors at Mikula Contracting, Inc. can perform all types of residential demolition projects. We can demolish and remove everything from a single concrete slab to a garage or even an entire home! We are fully licensed, insured, experienced, and confident in our removal services.  

Residential Demolition and Disposal in New Jersey

When you choose Mikula Contracting as your contractor for your demolition project, we will not only walk you through the entire process step-by-step, but we’ll also take care of any permits and regulations your town may require. Our goal is to make the entire demolition process easy and stress-free for you. We’ll handle the work so you can relax.

Safe demolition not only involves tearing down the structure, but it is also essential to consider any potential issues that need to be handled with care, such as proper disposal of construction debris, concrete, organic materials, and more. 

Residential Demolition in New Jersey

There are different types of residential demolition, and choosing the right one depends on your needs. At Mikula Contracting, we offer personalized services for every homeowner. We can handle everything from removing a swimming pool to tearing down a garage.

All demolition projects require intricate planning. If you choose Mikula Contracting, Inc. as your go-to demolition contractor, we will present you with a laid out, step-by-step plan for your project’s completion. 

The first step in any residential demolition project is ensuring everything is safe. Your team of Mikula Contractors will sweep through the property, keeping a special eye out for anything that may potentially become unsafe once demolition begins. We can recommend an environmental service provider to ensure your home is asbestos free before we start the demolition project.  

Next, we will confirm with your utility company that all lines are shut off. If they’re not, we’ll have a service provider turn all gas, electric, and water lines off. Then, once all safety concerns and utilities have been managed, we will schedule the actual demolition.

We offer quality on-site services and maintain the highest levels of responsibility and integrity when it’s time for disposal – especially when hazardous materials are involved. We work hard to provide our clients with superior results while protecting the community and our planet at the same time.

Types of Residential Demolition We Handle in New Jersey

When should you call a New Jersey demolition contractor for residential projects? We are here to help with a variety of services for environmental protection, demolition work, and more. Here is an overview of the areas where we can assist.

Home Demolition

Sometimes, full home demolition is necessary because you want to use the lot for new construction. It takes a lot of work to prepare the property before construction can start. 

We’ll use our machinery to knock down the existing structure with ease. Then, after the demolition is successfully completed, we will take care of all cleanup as part of our demolition construction services so that you won’t have to worry about it.

A New Jersey demolition contractor can assist with every detail of home demolition. We begin by accessing the necessary permits to ensure the project is always in compliance with local regulations. Then, we tear down the home with considerations to minimize disruptions to the neighbors and ensure safety every step of the way.

After the home is demolished, our team doesn’t stop until all the materials have been removed and you have a clean slate for new construction. Home demolition is gaining in popularity, especially in some of the older neighborhoods where land is hard to come by, and the houses are run down.

Garage Demolition

Tearing down the garage can sometimes be necessary if you want to build an addition to the house or are constructing a bigger garage. You can hire a New Jersey demolition contractor to help take down a standalone garage that isn’t attached to the main house. We can also assist with garage demolition when the building is connected to the house.

Often, garage demolition means that the crew is working in tight quarters. Not only is your home nearby, but there are other features on the property that need to be considered, such as mature trees, decking, driveway cement, and more. Plus, we use the highest levels of care to avoid damage to neighboring properties.

Shed Demolition

Are you ready to get rid of the unwanted shed in the backyard? Then call a New Jersey demolition contractor for help! Regardless of the size of the shed, it’s always most convenient to work with an experienced team, so you don’t have to worry about the physical labor, hauling away materials, disposal of the materials, and more.

Homeowners might choose shed demolition because they are making changes to the landscaping and want to use that area of the yard for other purposes. For example, an old shed is often inconvenient when you are installing an in-ground swimming pool or building an addition to the home.

Choose Mikula Contracting as Your New Jersey Demolition Contractor

If you’re weighing your options for demolition companies, reach out to the team of professionals at Mikula Contracting, Inc. With over 70 years of experience, we have the expertise to ensure that all jobs are completed on time and on budget.

The team of contractors at Mikula Contracting, Inc. provides residential demolition in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Morris, and Union Counties throughout New Jersey. Contact Mikula Contracting, Inc. today to get the ball rolling on your residential demolition project!

If you need more information about construction and demolition, then call our pro team at Mikula Contracting to book a consultation. We have a solid reputation as a trusted New Jersey demolition contractor for residential and commercial projects. We are always here to help!

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