Excavation and Demolition Services in New Jersey

At Mikula Contracting, we are a team of professional excavation contractors in New Jersey. We provide much more than basic excavation. These services are focused on a full scope of work, offering everything you need from start to finish.

Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the leading crews in the area. On every job, our promise is that you will receive quality results and honesty from our crew. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we offer personalized services for every project.

Whether you need environmental excavation, full demolition, or other services, we are here to help! Simply call us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss the possibilities for your project.

Excavation Contractors in NJ

As a family-owned company that has been serving communities in New Jersey for more than 70 years, we understand the best practices for our local area. At Mikula Contracting, we provide both residential and commercial services, giving you the best results available from excavation contractors in New Jersey.

Excavation is more than pushing dirt around on the land. It’s important to design a construction project with precision and detail, based on the overall goal for the property. We offer a full range of excavation services, starting with soil testing and preparation.

Our team of excavation contractors in New Jersey provides full-service solutions for every project. This scope of work often entails:

  • Site Planning and Preparation: Before starting the project, we are thorough in the planning process to ensure an optimal outcome. This planning includes research to be sure the land and soil will be able to support your structure when the foundation is in place.
  • Excavators and Heavy Equipment: We have small and large equipment to bring to your property, and our team is capable of handling jobs of all sizes. Depending on the needs of the project, you might see backhoes, bulldozers, steam shovels, front end loaders, and/or tractors.
  • Excavation and Moving Earth: We move a lot of dirt, clearing the land so it is ready for construction. While many of our projects are focused on moving a lot of dirt, this isn’t where our services stop. We are more than excavation contractors in New Jersey – we provide a variety of other demolition and site preparation services as well.

Our work is carefully monitored to ensure the ground is ready to hold the weight it needs to hold in the future. Additionally, we can clear the land while maintaining certain property features as desired, such as shrubs and trees if you would like to keep these landscaping features. We can dig water lines and sewer trenches, remove structures, transport dirt fill, control erosion, and more.

With many years of experience in the industry, we know the best practices to ensure an optimal outcome for your land. Our team of excavation contractors in New Jersey has invested in quality equipment to provide the best in the industry for excavation and demolition.

Areas We Serve

In our 70 years of service, we’ve helped on residential and commercial projects throughout the great state of New Jersey. These services are focused mostly on customers in Northern New Jersey including:

If you are located near these areas and you need excavation contractors in New Jersey, then we invite you to contact our team for a complimentary consultation. We will schedule a time to meet on-site, talk about your project, and determine the services that best fit your needs. We work hard to stay at the top of the local industry, and you can get a feel for our unwavering reputation by reading reviews from other customers.

Over the years, we have continued to maintain modern skills, equipment, and techniques to provide trustworthy services for every customer. You can have confidence in knowing that we are committed to the quality of your project. By paying attention to the smallest details on each job site, we can ensure that you receive long-lasting results from the work we complete.

Commercial and Residential Contracting Services

It doesn’t matter if your job is big or small, we act as general contractors to oversee every detail that will ensure the success of the project. Our team at Mikula Contracting works on many different construction projects including site preparation, soil remediation, structural fill, full excavation, and more. Available services include:

Our team is certified, licensed, and insured – giving you the peace of mind to know that we have the skills needed to protect your property. These services are available on small residential properties, as well as large commercial sites.

One of the benefits of choosing Mikula Contracting is that we are proactive in maintaining affordable services without sacrificing the quality of the results you can expect. Since we have our own equipment, there is no need to pay for rental fees and other unexpected costs. We keep our overhead costs low whenever possible, helping to pass those savings onto our customers.

We see each project through, from start to finish. This process begins with a consultation so we can learn about the history of the property and your goals for the construction work. Once a plan is finalized, then we can begin construction. Finally, we always follow through to leave the site in the best condition possible so it’s ready for the next stages of your construction project.

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Do you have questions about the excavation or demolition work needed for your site? As you are looking at options for hiring excavation contractors in New Jersey, put Mikula Contracting at the top of your list. We offer the full services you need, and our team always gets the job done right.

When you reach out to discuss a project, we are happy to put together a complimentary quote. This proposal includes everything needed for your project, with a full scope of work outlined based on your unique needs. Every project is different, which is why we customize each proposal. Call today to learn more about these quality services.