New Home Excavation Services in New Jersey

When you embark on building a new home, you are filled with hope and excitement. You can picture yourself in the new place, settled, and going for walks around the neighborhood. But if you are starting from scratch with the new construction excavation, it may be too early to picture the finish line. 

You may be overwhelmed with where to start and find that it’s time to hire expert contractors for your new construction excavation. Our team at Mikula Contracting can answer all of your questions and get you excited about each step of the home building process. 

New Home Excavation Factors

Reimagine the chaotic, bumpy land with trees and shrubbery scattered throughout, and instead picture your home with lush grass, shade trees, and the yard of your dreams. The first step to that process is new construction excavation. 

With any excavation, it is never as simple as you may imagine. The excavated land entails more than just clearing some trees and brush. Our team at Mikula Contracting steps in with all the necessary services you require.

Site Survey

Some of the first steps of building a new home include surveying the land. Taking a look at the full property, identifying which trees and greenery will stay, and measuring out the piece of land that will need new construction excavation are some of the preliminary steps.

You may not want to clear the land entirely, given that mature trees provide much-needed shade for the yard and keep utility costs down inside the home. A shaded house means less money spent on cooling the home. 

The initial site survey should also include a map sketch of the driveway to the road and clear property lines to not mess with the neighbor’s private property. The last thing you would want is to start off on the wrong foot with a new neighbor.

Applying for Permits

When you are making big changes to your land, you must apply for the proper permits to ensure that the excavation process will be done safely. Leave it up to our team at Mikula Contracting to apply for the permits, and allow the extra time to wait for the approval. This can take 5-7 business days if there is no reason for a delay. 

One of the biggest frustrations in new construction excavation is meeting the projected timeline. Obtaining permits can be a reason for delays, so you should always plan for flexibility.

Soil Conditions

Not only will new construction excavation include leveling out the soil to make it ready for building your new home, but there are also other factors that go into examining the soil conditions. 

  • Condition of the Soil: The state of the soil can vary in whether there is enough to build on and if it is environmentally free of contaminants. The earth will also be looked at to see if it is ideal for growing grass and plants. 
  • Compaction Testing: It is possible that the new construction land is over a high water table where sediment and erosion are likely. The team can test for compaction and choose a foundation plan that will best fit the conditions. 
  • Excavation: Some dirt will need to be removed in the new construction excavation and oftentimes can be used in other areas on the property. Or the contractors will transport the soil away and reuse it somewhere else. 
  • Bringing in Dirt Fill: Just as too much dirt can be a problem, too little soil is also an issue. In order to make the building area level, dirt fill can be brought in. 
  • Leveling the Dirt: Once the right amount of dirt is achieved, it is time to level out the earth. This includes combing and removing large rocks that will get in the way of the new build.
  • Foundation Excavation: Mikula handles the markouts for underground foundations, digging and removing the fill to make the land ready to pour the foundation. Any permits needed for this project will be obtained by our contractors. 
  • Drainage: Mikula handles drainage installation for new construction sites.  We provide ground and land drainage, backyard and lawn drainage, rainwater drainage, driveway drainage, seepage pit installation, and standing water drainage.
  • Land Improvement: Mikula also specializes in yard expansion, leveling and water run-off draining in a yard, and building boulder walls. 

No detail will be left out of the new construction excavation. It is vital to ensure that the home will be built on a solid foundation. 

Using the Right Equipment

At Mikula, our excavation contractors are up to date with the latest technologies. When clearing and leveling the land, we use the right equipment to get the job done efficiently and correctly. There is no reason why contractors should use outdated equipment on your new construction excavation with today’s technology. 

Safe and Streamlined

At Mikula Contracting, we wear proper safety protection like helmets and gloves. We have clear safety protocols that are strictly enforced. As a result, you can be sure that every worker on our contracting team will be safe. 

Along with safety guidelines, you want the job to be organized. Our contracting team shows up when we say we will, helping you feel confident that we will deliver quality results. An organized step-by-step process will always help you trust that you made the right decision by hiring Mikula Contracting. 

New Construction Excavation Contractor in NJ

At Mikula Contracting, our trusted team specializes in excavation services. Contact our team if you are ready to start building the home of your dreams and want to get started on new construction excavation. We can provide you with an estimate for your project and get started on the planning process.