Swimming Pool Removal in New Jersey

If you have a pool that is old with cracks, crumbling concrete, and years of negligence, it may be time for pool removal. Sometimes pool maintenance can become overwhelming if the pool goes without care. And if you don’t use the pool much, it isn’t worth it to keep spending money on swimming pool maintenance.  

Some alternate uses to the yard space could be a sports court, a covered patio, a fire pit, a garden, or a shade structure with lounge chairs. If you are ready to make better use of your backyard by choosing pool removal, contact our trusted contractors at Mikula Contracting in NJ. 

Here are some signs that it may be time for pool removal: 

  • No Longer Used: If you no longer use the pool, it feels wasteful to pump money into pool maintenance year after year. When you weigh the cost of pool removal against the money you are spending to maintain the pool, you might find it makes sense to remove it.
  • Brings Down Home Value: Would you buy a house with a neglected, aging pool? If your pool is in bad shape and requires a large amount of money for repair, you may save money by removing it. 
  • Yard Space Needed: Some backyards are just a pool with no other area to play football, run around in the backyard, build a garden, or install a deck or patio. If you are yearning to have more space in your backyard, it might require getting rid of the pool. 
  • Safety Hazard: For families with young children, a pool can be a safety hazard. Some people prefer not to have a pool at all to avoid potential accidents with children or pets falling in.
  • Waste of Water: Filling up a pool and draining it to maintain a balanced pH level can lead to a lot of wasted water. 

If some of these reasons for pool removal resonate with you, read on to learn more about the process. 

Pool Removal Services

You may have some questions about the pool removal process. While removing an above-ground pool is a less intrusive project, inground pool removal is more extensive. 

Pool demolition and complete removal can be done efficiently by our trusted pool removal contractors. Your ground pool can be out of your backyard with level, beautiful landscaping to replace it within a couple of weeks. If you dream of no longer maintaining a pool and simply mowing a lawn instead, pool removal is the right choice for you. 

Mikula Contracting will obtain the permits, do the markouts, complete the checklist required by the city, and get started on your pool demolition. 

Part of the demolition process includes the total removal of the fiberglass or concrete pool. The pool will need to be jackhammered and broken up into pieces, and transported out of your yard. Mikula Contracting is one of the few companies that clean up the concrete pieces and drop them at the recycling center for you. 

The materials can be reused for further projects, and our contracting team will take care of them. Junk removal is a lengthy process included in your pool removal. 

Once the pool is completely removed, our team will fill the hole with certified clean fill, compact it, and level the ground to make it ready for your next project. Whichever you choose to put in your yard instead of the pool is up to you. The area is a blank space for your backyard oasis. 

Some of the benefits of pool removal include:

  • The pool is completely gone. 
  • Pool removal is better for potential buyers since it is without limitations. 
  • You can landscape and dig however you would like. 
  • It is less likely that the soil will settle and make the ground sink. 

Pool Removal Costs in New Jersey

When you are looking into the pool removal cost of an inground swimming pool, you can plan to pay $8,000 to $20,000. This depends on the size and depth of the pool, the material it is made of, and the accessibility of the structure. 

The yearly maintenance savings will add up to earn back the pool removal cost. When you think about the cost of maintaining a pool year-round, including repairs, you will see how quickly the savings will stack up. 

New Jersey In-Ground Pool Removal Contractor

Our team at Mikula Contracting is ready to help you with your pool removal. If you are putting off this project, investing money into a pool that barely gets used, then it is time to take action. Any questions you have regarding the pool removal cost and length of the project can be answered by our team.

We take pride in the reputation we’ve built for ourselves at Mikula Contracting. We work hard to develop lifelong relationships with each of our clients. We know how valuable it is to have a trusted contractor on hand to help with your construction needs over the years. 

Contact Mikula Contracting to get a consultation on your pool removal project. We can visit your home and detail our plan for removal. Feel free to ask the hard questions so you can find out how prepared and experienced our team is.