Residential Pool Removal

An inground swimming pool always seems like an amazing idea. Who doesn’t dream of lounging outside and going for a swim in their own backyard? For some, that dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Maybe you underestimated the time and money you’d have to devote to annual maintenance. Perhaps you’ve realized that you don’t get to spend enough time in it for the pool to be beneficial. You possibly have younger children or grandchildren at your house and don’t feel safe with them near the pool. 


Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of it, Mikula Contracting, Inc. can handle not only your inground pool removal, but we’ll also handle filling the remaining hole in and getting your backyard looking as good as new. 


Pool Fill


The first step in our pool demolition process is to drain the pool of any remaining water. Once your pool is completely water-free, we’ll begin removing the concrete and all of the pool’s elements from the ground. Once they are all removed and properly disposed of, we will fill the now vacant space with backfill material that we will compact and level, leaving your yard looking good as new. 


Pool Demolition and Removal 


If you want to remove any trace of your pool’s existence, your best bet is most likely a complete inground swimming pool removal. The process begins the same as filling in a pool; all remaining water must be drained. 


Once there’s absolutely no water left in the pool, the entirety of the pool—its lining, siding, and floor—is broken up into smaller, more reasonable pieces that we’ll take to an affiliated landfill or recycling center. Since your pool removal contractors are handling the entirety of your swimming pool demolition, you won’t be held responsible for the physical removal of the broken down pool. 


When the pool and all of its individual components have been removed from your property, the rest of the process is the same as if you were filling in the pool! Finally, we compact and prep the newly filled area for future use, ensuring it looks as natural as possible. 


The team at Mikula Contracting, Inc., will not only handle the removal of your pool, but we’ll also take care of your town’s permits and inspections, meaning you won’t need to worry about that either!


If you’ve been thinking about the possibility of getting rid of your pool, reach out to the team at Mikula Contracting, Inc. We’ll provide you with a free estimate as to what the project would cost and a timeline as to when it could be completed.  We have been handling pool removal in NJ for decades, and have the experience and expertise to handle your complete pool removal. If you’d like a free consultation and a free quote from the best in the business, click here to get in contact with us today!

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