Pool Removal: What you Need to Know

You may think that a pool removal process is simple. You just drain the pool and fill it with dirt. Sounds easy enough, right? There are many factors to pool removal and in this blog we’ll answer some frequently asked questions. 

We can take a look at all of the options for pool removal, including the cost, the removal method, and potential problems that may come up with future buyers of your home. 

How much does it cost for pool removal? 

An average inground swimming pool removal can cost around $6,000-15,000. This depends on accessibility to the pool, the size, the material, the city permits, and the type of removal. 

There are a few different options for removing a pool. Because of this, costs can vary. In general, an inground swimming pool costs 3x more than removing an above ground pool. 

For an inground swimming pool, some people look into the costs of filling in a pool and find it to be much more affordable than a full swimming pool removal. There are positives and negatives to both options: 

Full Removal Pros 

If you want to have a yard that has no limitations and can be landscaped as if there was never a pool there at all, then a full pool removal may be the right option for you. 

  • Pro: You can build and plant landscaping over the space. Have the freedom to make your backyard the oasis of your dreams. 
  • Pro: Your home value will remain the same. You will not have to disclose to potential buyers that a pre-existing structure exists under the grass in the backyard. 


If a future owner wants to build a pool in the backyard, they would be able to do so with a full pool removal. A new owner doesn’t want limitations on what they can do in their own yard. 

Can you remove a pool yourself?

If you are tempted to tackle a pool removal project on your own, be sure you know what that means. Not only is it challenging to get there the right equipment for the job, but it is extremely dangerous to operate it.

  1. Swimming pool demolition requires heavy machinery that you likely would need to rent. Because you’re not an expert, you can run into delays and problems that would increase the cost. And then you would be required to remove all the rubble.
  2. Debris or junk removal after you demolish your pool is an enormous task on its own. If you rent a dumpster, you may run out of room or miss a deadline when the dumpster needs to be picked up. And if you haul away all the rubble, load by load, this process can be long without the proper equipment. 
  3. You will need the right equipment to poke holes in the bottom of the pool to allow for proper drainage. An expert team will know exactly how large the holes need to be and have the equipment to make it happen. 
  4. When it comes to filling in the hole with dirt to finish off the removal process, any dirt that is being offered for free is usually filled with garbage. Be choosy about the earth you select to fill in your hole. You want it to drain correctly and not compact too much. You want it to nourish the grass and plants that you lay on top. 

The pool removal process is not as easy as it may seem. It is always best to hire excavation contractors that have the correct equipment and safety procedures in place. 

Does removing a pool decrease home value?

When it comes to inground pool removal, full removal will not change the value of your home whatsoever. The new owners will be able to build a new pool in the same space if they so choose. When you select full pool removal, the yard is left as if there was never a pool there in the first place. 

What’s the best season for pool removal?

Something you might want to consider is the time of year to remove your pool. Digging in the frozen ground can be a factor that may add extra cost. It is possible to remove the pool during any season, but you may want to wait until the ground isn’t frozen. 

  • Spring: Once the ground has not been frozen for weeks, Spring opens up an excellent time for pool removal. Wait for a couple of weeks where the temperatures are above freezing during the day, and the sun is shining. Then you can get started on your pool removal. 
  • Summer: Summer is a great time of year for pool removal. Most contractors are busy during the summer months, so schedule ahead of time for your pool removal project. Within a week, you can have your yard back to a blank slate, ready to implement and work on new ideas all Summer long. 
  • Fall: A full inground pool removal can take about a week. As the days start getting cooler, jump on your chance to get your pool removal project in before the freeze begins. Having that project out of the way will set you up for some fun new projects to work on in your “new” backyard once Spring hits. 
  • Winter: Surprisingly, winter is the best time for pool removals. When the ground is solid, there is less damage done to the property. 

It will be easier to dig when it’s not at the peak of the Winter. Then you can have your yard space back by the time the great weather hits in the Spring and Summer. Fall can also be a great time to remove your pool after you get in one last summer swim. 

Why would you want to remove your pool?

A common reason why people seek pool removal in NJ is that a pool is not accessible year-round. The cold winter months leave the pool dreary and empty. The cost to revive the pool and get it in working condition after a long winter can be overwhelming each year. Here is a list of why people may choose ground pool removal: 

  • Pool Maintenance Cost: The cost of keeping up a pool can really add up quickly. There are chemicals to buy and a pump that works here and there. If you have a heated pool, the heating mechanism can often need repairing. You need a cover for the winter months. It all adds up and feels overwhelming. 
  • Pool Maintenance Time: The amount of time you spend clearing out leaves and emptying your pool filters may be better spent elsewhere. If you find yourself wanting to have more enjoyment in your backyard with a hammock in the shady trees and an open grass area to play sports, then pool removal may be right for you. Your backyard is your domain, and you want it to serve you in the best way possible. 
  • More Yard Space: You may find that your pool doesn’t get used all that often. The work of getting everyone in their swimming suits and the constant vigilance of the young children can be stressful. Maybe you want to send your kids out to play in the backyard without the worry of what might happen. A big, open area for football and frisbee can be appealing – or a space to put up a volleyball net. There are so many options for a big backyard that aren’t there if a pool is taking up most of the space. 
  • Danger for Young Families: One big reason for pool removal is the danger that is posed for small children. Unfortunately, many accidents occur at homes each year, with toddlers finding their way out to the pool when adults are unaware. These tragic cases are enough for some families to eradicate the danger by choosing pool removal. 
  • Better Landscaping: You have options for better landscaping when the pool isn’t taking up the bulk of your backyard. If you would like to put in blackberry bushes or a large shade tree, you have more freedom to do that. A walkway to a fire pit in the backyard and a vegetable garden where you grow your own food may be better suited to your personality.  
  • Home-Buying Appeal for People Not Interested in Pools: Some potential buyers are not interested in buying a home with a pool. Whether they have young children or are an older couple without kids and not interested in swimming, your home can be a clean slate for all families. If you have a swimming pool, potential buyers may quickly throw the house into their “no” pile. After embarking on full pool removal, your home will no longer have a deal-breaker for those types of buyers. 

If you are bogged down with the task of maintaining your pool that barely gets used, then it will grow tiresome over time. Maybe you were sure you’d be back there swimming every day, and it just didn’t work out that way. And now there is bacteria growing and concrete cracking, and the work outweighs the benefits of owning a pool. 

Your Pool Removal Contractor in NJ

Deciding on pool removal can require a lot of back and forth. If you choose it is ultimately the right choice for your home, you can ease a lot of your worry by choosing the right excavation team. Our team of experts at Mikula Contracting is experienced in pool removals of all types. You don’t have to worry about inexperienced setbacks or hidden costs when you use our services. 

If you have a pool removal project, contact Mikula Contracting to get the job done. It can be a big undertaking, but if your pool is old and stagnant and taking up space in your yard, it’s time to do something about that. Make an appointment today to get an estimate on your pool removal plan. 

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