How Much Does a Pool Removal in New Jersey Cost?

It’s a shame to watch the summer pass by when you know your swimming pool is not in working condition. You’ve looked into the costs of refinishing the swimming pool, and it’s just not realistic combined with everyday pool maintenance costs. Maybe it’s time to find out the pool removal cost in New Jersey. 

Think about all the things you could do with the extra space in your backyard. The extended garden space you’ve been dreaming about could be installed with a pathway and an arch detail over the entry of the garden. Or you could build a covered patio for your backyard, providing a place for friends and family to gather during the breezy summer nights or the sunny afternoons. The first step in achieving this is to contact a trusted pool removal contractor to get started on your inground pool removal. 

Is It Time to Consider Pool Removal?

You may be overwhelmed thinking about the pool removal process. But the fact is that if you have an unusable pool in your backyard, the eyesore of walking past it every day can wear on you. In addition, a decaying pool is a burden to your property and depreciates the value of your home. Inground pool removal is more pricey than above-ground pool removal as concrete removal can be an extensive project requiring special equipment. 

No matter what the pool removal cost in New Jersey comes out to, you do not have to live with an obsolete pool on your property. Here are some reasons you may want pool removal: 

  • The cost of pool upkeep is overwhelming. 
  • You no longer use the swimming pool.
  • The pool is outdated and too expensive to fix. 
  • The pool is unsafe for young children or pets living in the house. 
  • You are uncomfortable with using so much water to fill the pool. 
  • You would rather use the expansive space in a different way. 
  • The pool is too old to add value to your home. 

Think about some of the reasons you may want to look into the cost of pool removal. It’s never too early to take action on a swimming pool on your property that needs to be completely removed. 

Determining Pool Removal Cost

There are a number of factors that will determine the pool removal cost in New Jersey. Of course, you want to find the most cost-effective way. 

Look into other factors that go into removing the pool and calculating the pool removal cost by finding out more, as detailed below. 

Understanding the Removal Process

Various demolition companies will agree that removing a swimming pool is not a one-man job. Nor is it a DIY project. Whether you are working with a fiberglass pool or concrete pool, it takes special construction equipment and a team of workers to break up the surface and remove all the various chunks of the pool. The steps in the process include:

  1. Obtaining a permit 
  2. Draining the pool 
  3. Demolishing the pool 
  4. Removing the pool materials 
  5. Disconnecting pipes and pump 
  6. Inspection***
  7. Replacing the hole with fill dirt 
  8. Preparing the land for plants or the next project

The complex process is done properly by pool removal contractors who have years of experience finding the most efficient way of full removal. After the pool is removed, you can enjoy the benefits of a blank slate to execute your backyard dreams. 

Potential Affecting Factors

The pool removal cost in New Jersey can change according to certain circumstances. For example, if the pool needs to be drained before construction begins, that will affect the final cost of the pool removal project. There are many factors that may determine the price.: 

  • The size of the pool
  • Accessibility of the pool
  • Whether a pool deck needs to be removed as well
  • Who you hire and their competitive prices
  • If you choose partial or full removal

Call a trusted name in the industry to get an estimate for pool removal cost in New Jersey. 

Schedule a Free Estimate

Our Mikula Contracting team has years of industry experience, proving their reputable history with pool removal services. They can help you learn about the average pool removal cost in New Jersey to ensure that you get the best deal possible. 

With specific knowledge of the Northern New Jersey area, you can find the right contractors for your residential pool removal project. Speak with other customers to find out their satisfaction with our company. You can also request pictures and details from past projects to see if the job will be up to your expectations. 

Contact Mikula Contracting today to learn about how to get started. There is no reason to put off your pool removal project. The more time your pool sits unused in the backyard, the more your property goes wasted. 


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