6 Ideas for Getting Rid of Your Inground Swimming Pool

If you feel like you’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to your pool, then maybe it’s time to think of regaining that precious space in your yard for something different. Or maybe you’ve just purchased a new home with a swimming pool in the yard already and want nothing to do with the maintenance and upkeep that it will require. Getting rid of your inground swimming pool altogether might be something you want to consider as you look at the home improvements you want to make for your enjoyment and to increase your real estate worth.

If you’re ready to do something different and are excited about setting your home apart from the mundane, here are a few new features you may want to add to your backyard to take it from great to amazing!

1. Deck

A deck is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to take your inground pool to a BBQ hangout heaven. Drain your pool and simply build a deck over it yourself, or employ the help of a hired professional who can help you blend your new space just right with your existing landscaping.

Your new outdoor living space will be a great place to entertain, and building a deck over your empty pool can also add value to your home. Once you list your house for sale in the future, this can be a big payoff.

2. Garden

Using your inground pool space for a beautiful flower garden or vegetable garden will make great use of your newfound space. Your pool removal company can help you prepare your garden area by first removing the pool and then filling the hole with topsoil to make it ready for planting. 

Your professional pool removal company will also ensure that the soil is compacted properly so that sinking does not occur. They should be able to guarantee it to not sink for a few years, too. Make sure you ask about what their guarantees and warranties include

3. Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit is another fun option that can be great for the whole family and all those you wish to entertain. A pool removal contractor can help make the transition between your new fire pit area and the existing landscaping feel seamless and amazing, as well as ensure everything underground is filled in properly. That way, you never have to think about it again.

4. Pond

If you’re game for something different, a cement pond for koi fish, or just a water feature, can be a good choice. While this choice is not the cheapest option, it can be good if you want an interesting change. You may need to add different pond equipment, gravel, and more for it to be suitable for fish or other wildlife. But if you want to keep your pool in place, a pond will do the trick, leaving you the possibility of restoring it into a working pool again if you change your mind in the future. 

Make sure this option is really the best for you before getting started. It’s important to note that your insurance will stay the same, and some maintenance will still be involved. Do your research and look at ways that pools can be turned into ponds. Some may not think it’s worth the work or money in the end, but maybe it will be for you.

5. Patio

Why not completely remove your pool and pour a beautiful patio in the shape and size you want? A patio can be used for so many different things, and you simply can’t go wrong with this as a new addition to your backyard.

6. Remove the Pool Completely

Removing your pool completely may seem drastic, but many say it is “the best home improvement they have ever made.” Regaining the large area a pool takes up can be a great added benefit to your space, especially if you don’t have much square footage in the backyard. 

While the cost to remove your inground pool may feel a bit steep, the pool maintenance and repairs that you will save on will add up quickly and make the transition well worth the cost.

Ready to Make a Change and Remove Your Pool?

If, after reading about all the many possibilities that could be part of your new landscaping, you are excited and ready to make a change, Mikula Contracting provides all the pool removal services you’ll ever need. Specializing in pool removals of all kinds, they will be your trusted demolition contractors. They remove any ground pools properly and quickly, all while making the space ready to become anything you want. 

Contact Mikula Contracting for all your New Jersey pool removal services. We look forward to working with you as you create the space of your dreams. Call our team for a consultation and to find out more about what it would take for pool removal services to become a reality in your yard. We can also give you a quote for the cost of removing your pool, as well as a time frame for completing your project. So get ready to reclaim your backyard soon!

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