Six Signs Your Land Needs to Be Graded

Considering your land’s upkeep is one of the last things you want to think about, but neglecting it will prove more work than you are ready or willing to undertake. Every so often, you will probably need to do some land grading in order to preserve your landscaping and avoid any future property damage down the road.

Land grading helps adjust the slope of your property to make sure water flows where you want it to, including away from your foundation. Let’s look at some warning signs you may see, clueing you in that your land needs to be graded or re-graded soon.

1. The Ground Is Noticeably Uneven

One of the first signs you may notice when needing land grading done is the uneven ground that eventually develops. Small hills, valleys, or varying ground levels may even appear as the water from drainage problems washes away the dirt in different areas across your property. 

If your existing land grading is no longer looking nice and smooth, consider calling someone that offers professional grading services like Mikula Contracting.

2. You Find Pooling Water

Have you noticed standing water in several places around your yard? This pooling water can be a tell-tale sign that drainage problems are occurring and that the soil is extremely compact and not absorbing water effectively. 

Pooling water can make it so you can’t use your property the way you want, as well as bring an increase of mosquitoes and other bugs. A simple landscape grading or complete yard grading is in your near future.

3. The Grass Is Patchy

Unhealthy, patchy grass or even plants and trees around your land that are no longer flourishing like they used to can be evidence that your property is uneven and either forcing too much water or not enough water into certain areas. 

Even worse, completely bare patches can develop and make your landscaping look like it’s in rough shape! If you have spots that have been walked on or driven on and have become completely compacted so nothing can grow on them, proper grading is your first step to making things right.

4. Tree Roots Are Exposed

When trees are planted, their roots are obviously covered underground with soil. Over the years, soil erosion occurs, uncovering the roots that should still be hidden, leaving them exposed and at risk of being damaged or infested with bugs or other pests. You don’t want to lose the shrubs and trees that you’ve been growing for the last several years!

Besides the less-than-desirable appearance, exposed tree roots can become a dangerous tripping hazard for you and your family. Adding some additional soil and completing some land grading will allow water flows to absorb into the ground how they should. Then your roots will stay planted without pulling out of the ground due to the increased weight of the tree or shrub and depleted soil. 

5. Clogged Infrastructure

We put measures in place on our homes and include them in our landscaping to divert water and prevent damage from being done. When these drains, gutters, and more become clogged with leaves, grass, twigs, and dirt coming from the lawn, you have a big problem! All of these water-diverting infrastructures are built to take water away from your home or other buildings, but when your land is not graded properly, they become clogged and don’t protect your home any longer.

6. Cracks in Your Foundation

Water in the basement, or drainage issues that have resulted in pooling water up against the concrete foundation of your home (underground or above ground), could end up costing you big. Cracks in your foundation start small but can get worse quickly. If you have any of these warning signs happening, contact a professional contractor to take a look at your foundation to be sure of its structural integrity, as well as complete land grading immediately. 

Make Sure Your Land Is Properly Graded with Mikula Contracting

Varying weather conditions change your landscaping and overall property grading over time. As landowners, we do what we can to slow the process from happening, but we can’t stop Mother Nature from doing what she will. When your property needs some attention, Mikula Contracting can help with any land grading services you need and more. 

Maybe you don’t know if it’s grading that you need– could it be something else that’s amiss? If you’re unsure what issues you are dealing with, we can help with that too. You can be confident that we will investigate and not only find the problems but also resolve them in a timely manner, whether it has to do with land grading or not. Contact our team today for a quote and to learn about how we can revive your property.

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