5 Common Causes of Drainage Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Blocked drains in our homes, yards, pools, and more are common, but no matter how often they happen, they still seem to catch us by surprise and always occur at the worst time. This is where Mikula Contracting can help with any drainage issues in New Jersey

Let’s take a moment and look at 5 of the most common causes of drainage issues and how you can avoid and fix them when they occur.

1. Faulty or Poorly Installed Downspouts

Unfortunately, not all plumbers are created equal. If someone inexperienced installed your downspouts, they could be faulty and not installed correctly. Gutters and downspouts on your home are essential for proper drainage. If you notice overflowing gutters on the regular, it’s time to do something about it.

The Solution

Keeping gutters and downspouts clear from leaves, tree branches, and other debris will ensure that rain and snow can make their way off your roof and away from your home. Structural damage could result if there is a blockage or things aren’t installed correctly. Consider hiring someone to fix the problem before it becomes costly.

2. Poor Yard Grading

The biggest goal of grading your yard is to help direct water flow away from your home when it rains and snows. Unfortunately, improper grading can result in flooding and even structural damage over time. 

Standing water can also become a problem if there are drainage problems and poor yard grading. In addition, standing water can bring bugs, pests, mold, and other dangerous allergens. Not to mention the eventual damage that can happen to your landscaping. 

The Solution

If you find that your yard has not been graded properly, there are drainage solutions that can help. Things like French drains to collect water and reroute it, catch basins to remove standing water, and trench drains to prevent water accumulation can help you solve the problem of proper water drainage. Also having the proper pitch to your landscaping and property could help directing water away from your homes foundation. Mikula Contracting excels in fixing drainage issues in New Jersey homes. We can help you with common drainage problems you might be experiencing, no matter the size of the problem.

3. Landscaping Problems

Landscaping issues can most definitely cause drainage problems. The problems might not even be at the fault of the homeowner, either. If you live below your neighbors, water coming from their rain or snow drainage or from their sprinklers can often drain right into your yard. It’s frustrating, to say the least. 

While this isn’t usually a daily issue, a heavy rainstorm or a neighbor leaving a sprinkler on all night can bring unwanted water flow into your yard and possibly your home. 

The Solution

Fortunately, pitching the landscaping can be the perfect solution for such problems. This rerouting can also help basements where water is slowly leaking through the foundation. Once the water is rerouted, it can be deposited elsewhere, even down the rain gutter in your street. 

4. Roots in Your Drain Pipes

Plants and trees can often wreak havoc on plumbing and drain pipes. In their constant search for water, they can sometimes damage pipework as they spread their roots, seeking nourishment. Some can even get into your drainage system, bringing homeowners all kinds of problems. 

The Solution

When planting, try to avoid placing potentially large trees where you know they could cause a problem with your home drainage pipes and more. Homeowners can also use a root killer around drainage systems and other pipes, helping to keep landscaping plants and trees from damaging things. However, you may be forced to remove some plants or trees altogether if the damage is too much.

Mikula Contracting can help you diagnose roots in your drain pipes so that you can resolve the issue before it becomes even worse.

5. You’re Using the Wrong Soil

Soil that can drain properly will help route water throughout your yard and planting beds so that it can all be absorbed. Ground soil that becomes oversaturated can push against your home’s foundation, causing cracks or buckling. Using the right kind of soil that can drain properly will save you all sorts of headaches.

The Solution

Try talking to a landscaper to get advice on what kind of soil you should use for your landscaping choices. If soil is already in place and you know that the type of dirt in your area does not drain well, consider installing one or more of the drains mentioned earlier.

Does Your New Jersey Yard Have Drainage Issues? We Can Help!

Mikula Contracting is your “go-to” for drainage issues in New Jersey. Our experts can resolve all of your worries so that you no longer have to dread the possibility of flooding. Don’t wait to call if you believe you have a problem. Contact us today to learn more.

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