Types of Excavation Services

When you think about excavation services, do you think of digging holes and moving dirt around? Maybe you’re not sure what excavation contractors do at all. Let’s break down why you would have a need for excavation companies and how their expertise contributes to various construction projects. You won’t regret hiring excavation contractors for your next project that requires clearing or digging land. 

Why You Might Need Excavation Services

Excavation contractors are licensed to operate heavy machinery that will be beneficial for removing large trees and boulders in order to dig or clear land. Look for an excavation company that highlights their experience with commercial and residential excavation services. 

Foundation Excavation

When it is time to build a home, the first step is to clear the land and dig out the foundation. If you are building a house with a basement, the hole will be deeper than other foundations. Your excavation contractors will ensure that the land is free of water lines or gas lines before digging. 

Once the foundation area is cleared, you will be ready to pour the foundation. Excavation contractors are the right team to call so that they can get the foundation prepared efficiently and professionally. 

Parking Lot Excavation

A commercial business may be ready to add a parking lot to their building project. Not only do you have to clear the land of any trees, plants, and rocks, but you also have to level out the earth. Talk to your excavation contractors about clearing and leveling the land to be ready for pouring asphalt or concrete for a parking lot. 

Pool Removal

Have you ever hired excavation companies to give you a quote on pool removal? When you have an old, unusable pool in the backyard, it can require more money to keep it up than it would cost for a total pool removal. Excavation contractors can take care of your pool removal to save you money in the long run. 

The contractor will assess the situation and start by draining the pool, breaking up the fiberglass or concrete, and removing the pool chunk by chunk. This process requires specific excavation equipment. 

Yard Expansion

It may be time to clear an area of your property for everyday use. Maybe you imagine an expansive lawn area where you can play football or soccer. Or you may hope to create a garden to grow your own vegetables. No matter the reason for the excavation, the contractors will know all about leveling and smoothing out the soil. 

They will also have knowledge on adding topsoil to a leveled-out yard space to promote the growth of grass and plants. Excavation companies have experience in ensuring that once the project is complete, the land will be safe and prepared for whatever greenery you’ll want to add next.

Foundation Slab Removal

It’s possible that you are removing an old garage on your land or have plans to level a current home to build a new house on the property. Because the foundation is built in such a long-lasting manner, it requires excavation contractors to remove the foundation slab. 

The team will come out and assess the situation and bring excavators and backhoes to get the job done efficiently. 

Basement Addition

Some homeowners choose to add a basement to their homes. This addition can be an extensive project. If the home has an existing crawl space, that can be expanded out into basement space. Either way, adding on a basement requires careful digging skills so as not to disturb the house’s structure that sits atop the basement. 

Excavators will take care of all of the details, consulting with you about whether a basement addition is even possible for your current home. Sometimes you will do whatever it takes to expand the space in your home so that you don’t have to move, and an excavation expert can help see if it’s possible to make your current home the home of your dreams. 

Drainage Systems

Another reason why excavation is vital is to set up drainage systems. If your property is not graded correctly, the water can pour into your home, causing flooding or damage to the foundation. In addition, pooled water can attract bugs, drown plants and grass, and lead to destroyed landscaping efforts. An excavation team can resolve this problem by installing various types of drains.You may be familiar with french drains or land grading that will keep water from flooding your property. Excavators will be able to see what type of drainage system will work best for your property. 

Soil Remediation

If you have an oil spill on your property, excavation companies can take care of cleaning or replacing the soil. A soil remediation specialist is educated on what kind of soil to bring in for your property. The topsoil is the most nutrient-rich soil and is the top layer. Next is the muck, a mixture of dirt and small rocks below the topsoil layer. Then you have more rock and earth to get through before you reach the water table. Sometimes the rock layer is right below the topsoil, which can complicate a simple project. 

Your excavation contractors can take care of all soil remediation needs that you might have, ensuring that they backfill your property with the right soil to help your plants thrive in the future. 

Necessary Excavation Equipment

Excavation projects are not for the faint of heart, and you will not get far with only a shovel and wheelbarrow. Typical equipment used by excavation companies includes: 

  • Excavator
  • Backhoe
  • Dump Truck
  • Digger

Excavation Based on Project Size

When you meet with an excavation contractor, you can learn more about what excavation will look like specifically for your project. Here’s how excavation changes according to the size of the project. 

Small Projects

Small excavation projects include clearing brush from a backyard, digging a foundation for fence posts, or building a retaining wall. These more straightforward projects require a mini excavator to get into the small spaces.  


Mid-sized projects include clearing and digging the land for a new pool installation, trenching or setting up for a sprinkler system, or site preparation for a new build. When these are done on the residential side, they are considered mid-size. However, a commercial pool or sprinkler system can be regarded as a large undertaking. 


Excavation contractors can be found on massive projects for the development of apartment buildings or offices. You can also count on excavation companies to build new roads, railways, and water management systems. Excavation is required in almost every construction project. 

It’s possible that you looked into hiring excavation contractors before reading this article and did not understand what they really did. However, now that you know the work that excavation companies perform and how important their work is, you can better understand how important it is to hire professionals for your excavation project. 

Hire Professional Contractors

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