Winter Is Coming: Does Your Business Have Snow Removal Covered?

Do you have snow covered, or will it cover you? That’s the question New Jersey businesses must ask themselves at this time of year. Learn more about how the professionals protect against snow in every way.

Snow is a liability for us all. Just ask the people slipping on sidewalks or driving at a crawl to avoid swerving in parking lots and roads. Even the most careful progress can still result in winter accidents causing serious injury. It’s therefore very important that areas like parking lots and sidewalks are kept as clear as possible after a snowstorm to minimize the risks. 

It’s also important that the professionals you choose to clear your snow have liability coverage. This is the hallmark of a company that isn’t just aware of the risks but also cares enough to take proactive measures to protect its clients, the public and its workers.

Here’s who you can trust to do it and further reassurances a snow removal company should be able to provide.

Liability insurance for snow removal

Why does a commercial snow removal company need liability insurance? Contractors seem perfectly safe in their snowplows, but there are still potential professional risks to them and personal risks to the people they serve.

Snowplows require two kinds of insurance: commercial auto and snowplow coverage. Since contractors use their snowplows commercially, they need the commercial auto coverage to provide liability protection from bodily injury and property damage they may accidentally cause while plowing. Personal injury may occur after a job has been completed — sheet ice can sometimes form and pose a slip and slide risk after plowing.

Commercial auto coverage allows the company to pay the medical expenses and/or legal fees of anyone they injure, or it can pay to replace/repair damaged property. This coverage also helps the contractor pay for any repairs to their snowplow equipment or injuries to their personnel.

Snowplow insurance is a separate liability policy that can be bought for a specified period, typically to provide seasonal coverage. Businesses may choose to buy this coverage on its own or as a rider to their existing general liability insurance (which every business should have at the very least) to cover snow plowing.

Whichever way it’s added, snowplow coverage protects both professionals and the public as the company clears snow from sidewalks, parking lots and other at-risk spaces. Having liability insurance is essential, but there’s more a good contractor will do to provide superior service.

How the best companies cover their customers further

Beyond being covered for liability, customers need to know that their snow removal contractor has common sense, too. A clearly established snow plowing contract helps keep everyone safe by defining where the plowing will take place, when it will begin (during or after a snow event) and exactly what services come with snowplowing — such as salting, shoveling, sanding and so forth.

Some other basic best practices — like turning off plow controls while slowly driving, braking earlier to compensate for added weight and using warning lights while plowing help to further reduce the chances of an accident — make using insurance a last resort.

Not only this, a top-quality firm who knows the law can also help its commercial customers stay on the right side of a fine. For example, did you know that New Jersey businesses and multifamily property owners are automatically on the legal clock when snow hits? Some parts of New Jersey will be on a 12-hour countdown to clear their sidewalks after a snowfall. Other areas of the state only get one-third of that time.

Snowstorms can hit suddenly. Businesses need a snow removal company who can get there just as fast, fully insured, certified and ready to work.

Let Mikula make short work of snow

Our family-owned company has been keeping northern New Jersey’s snow under control for over 70 years. In that time, we’ve plowed through the worst weather the state can throw at us. We’re here to help if your business needs ongoing snow management or requires a fast response to a winter emergency. 

Our removal equipment is state-of-the-art, and we maintain full insurances and certifications as a commercial snow removal company. Avoiding accidents is one of our guiding principles, which is why our team is OSHA-trained to make safety second nature.

When you work with us, you’ll get the satisfaction of a job well done and the security of knowing you’re covered by professionals. Give us a call at the number below or email for an honest quote. We’ll clear the way so you can get back to business.

Mikula Contracting, Inc. provides commercial and residential customers with a wide range of excavation, demolition, environmental, snow removal, trucking and soil materials services. For more information, call 973-772-1684 or email

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