What To Look For In a Commercial Snow Removal Service

They say it’s not what you look for, but what you find that matters. If you are in the market for commercial snow removal service for your business, both parts are vital.


All commercial snow removal service companies are not created equal. You must do your homework to find one that is best for the unique needs of your business.


What to consider before looking for a commercial snow removal service


  1. Don’t wait until the snow is falling to look for a commercial snow removal service.

You wouldn’t wait until it’s raining to purchase an umbrella. Most businesses don’t wait until they are broke to seek additional funding. Once it starts snowing, you will be in panic mode. That will lead to making rash, impulsive decisions that may cost you later. The time to plan for snow removal is not fall or winter, it’s now. Then, when the first flakes do hit the ground, you will have the right company already on speed dial.


  1. Determine the top priorities for snow removal.

You naturally think about entrances, parking lots and sidewalks when it comes to commercial snow removal. But what about the loading dock, stairs and roof? Walk around your entire property and make a detailed list of potential problem areas. For example, do your employees take a short cut to get from the parking lot to building? If this path is on your property, you will likely still be held liable for any accidents. Also, don’t forget about areas between buildings. While you’re at it, you may also want to look at things like lighting and cracks in the pavement.


  1. Remember that the lowest bidder is not always the best company.

Of course, cost is an issue in any service you have performed on your property. You have a budget to think about. However, often the least expensive bid is low for a reason. Typically, it’s because they are leaving out crucial components of a commercial snow removal service. It could also be that they cut corners in areas like safety or proper insurance coverage in order to offer you that price. In such a situation, if one of their workers is injured on your property, you will be liable. Subpar equipment is another concern. You must ask the right questions to ensure that the company you select for your snow removal needs can do the job professionally and effectively.


Questions to ask your potential commercial snow removal company


Do you have the necessary insurance coverage?

Your commercial snow removal service company should take all appropriate safety measures. Still, mistakes and accidents do happen. If they do, you will want to make sure your company is not the one holding the bag when it comes to paying for damages. This includes damage caused by their vehicle when snow removal is taking place and injuries suffered by their employees while performing the job. At companies that don’t specialize in snow removal or offer these services as a side hustle, this is a common problem. And this is one that can cost you big.


What services do you provide?

Before you sign any type of contract, it’s essential to know what you will be paying for. Will they perform any preventative measures before the snow starts to fall? Do they haul the snow away or leave mountain-sized snow piles on your property? These hills will quickly come alive with the sound of lawsuits from employees and visitors. Winter weather is difficult enough to navigate. You don’t want to have to do battle with your commercial snow removal service as well.


Do you have the equipment and products needed to service my commercial property?

If you have to contend with stairs, ramps and parking lots with islands, this takes special equipment. Additionally, in some areas, ice is more of a danger than snow. Therefore, proper deicers or liquid pretreatments might be necessary. Also, if you get more snowfall than initially expected, they should be able to bring in larger machines to handle it.


Is your equipment in exceptional working order?

You will need to know facts such as how old is their equipment and when was the last time they had it serviced. The commercial snow removal company you choose has to be geared up and ready to go at any time. Malfunctioning or broken equipment will slow everything down. When it comes to slips, falls and lawsuits, time is literally money. If the equipment breaks down while they are servicing your property, this is especially troublesome. Ask if they have back up machines to ensure you are not left out in the cold (and the snow and the ice).


Are your crews well trained and bonded?

The owner of the company may seem like a dream come true, with years of experience and a stellar safety record. However, what about the rest of the snow removal team? Their team should also be large enough to handle the job.


What is your turnaround time?

From the time the first snowflakes hit the ground, time is of the essence. The longer that snow and ice remain on your property, the more you are liable for slips and falls. Any company you select for this service should be able to give you a good estimate of when they will begin. This should usually be three hours or less.


Are you keeping up with trends in the industry?

New products, technology and equipment are being developed all the time. It’s important for your commercial snow removal company to keep up. There may be techniques and gear to help make it easier or faster to remove the snow and ice from your property. They also must keep track of aspects like the unemployment rate and available labor, which is critical for seasonal businesses like snow removal.


Is this a company I can trust?

Everyone on our team completes rigorous safety training. In addition, we continuously inspect our equipment to make sure we are always ready when you need us. We offer a full range of commercial snow removal services and have a longstanding reputation for quality and efficiency. Contact Mikula Contracting today for a free quote.

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