What Equipment Is Used for Inground Pool Removal?

Are you dreaming of that big, beautiful backyard where you can run and play with your kids? If you have a large pool taking up all that space, your backyard may seem a bit like a prisoner to the pool, keeping you from utilizing it the way you want. Maybe you’re just tired of the time, maintenance, and cost of keeping a pool and are ready for a change. Have you done the research if you’re considering an inground pool removal? Is this a project you can attempt on your own, or will it require qualified pool removal contractors? If you are trying to take on a pool demolition on your own, what equipment is used for swimming pool removal? Let’s “dive deeper” and take a look at this project a little closer.

How Is a Pool Removed?

Your swimming pool removal method will, of course, depend on the type of pool you have. An in-ground pool removal will be much more involved than above-ground pool removal will be. Here’s a general narration of each project’s removal process:

Complete Pool Removal

For a complete pool removal, your pool will need to be drained, and then all materials removed. While that may sound simple, there’s much more involved than you may initially believe. It includes removing the liner, all concrete, fiberglass, rebar, etc. Once the entire pool area is cleared out, it can be filled in with dirt and some gravel. And then, you can compact the soil to avoid the ground sinking later.

The best part of removing a pool completely is you never have to worry about what’s under your grass or garden area just a few inches down. You can build on top of it with no worries too. Your ground will move and sink much less over time, if at all, with a complete pool removal as well.

Above Ground Pool Removal

Above-ground pool removal is by far the easiest kind of pool to remove. Again, draining the pool will be the first step. Next, things will need to be unscrewed and removed. You may be wondering, “what equipment is used for swimming pool removal in this case”? Often, a sledgehammer is enough to destroy the deck and walls of your above-ground pool. If needed, a simple skid steer can also help with certain parts. Once everything is torn up, you can rent a dumpster, hire a junk removal service, or recycle what you can to get everything cleaned up and out of your way. 

What Equipment Is Used for Swimming Pool Removal?

While the need for certain heavy equipment will depend on the swimming pools we are removing, for the most part, 6 kinds are typically used. They include:

  • Excavator (with and without a jackhammer) – This equipment is used to help break up the hard concrete or gunite portion of the pool. This is a very heavy piece of machinery. Many people try to use smaller pieces of equipment to complete the same job, but it can place the machine operator in great danger. 
  • Skid steer (or bobcat) – This is a very versatile machine because many different buckets can be easily switched out for different projects. Typically, a skid steer can help move materials that have been demolished to the trucks that will take them away and dispose of them by using a kind of “grabber” attachment.

This bobcat can also be used to help spread dirt and other material (gravel, etc.) to get it ready to be compacted. A bobcat does an incredible job smoothing out ground material and making it look nice. Once the ground is compacted, things can be leveled out once again and left nice for the customer.

  • Junk removal trucks, large dumpsters – This equipment is often overlooked when you are thinking about what equipment is used for swimming pool removal, but it is essential and adds to your overall pool removal cost. You must have at least one of these things to get rid of the materials you are ripping up when you remove the pool in your yard.
  • Compactor – In order to do the job correctly, you must use a soil compactor. Sometimes these compactors can be referred to as a “sheep foot” roller which is used to get the soil to really compact, even up to 95% density! There are “knobs” on this type of roller, which pushes down and manipulates the soil until it is compacted to the desired amount. Plate compactors can also be used, but they take longer and are a bit harder to use. 
  • Dump trucks – These big trucks are what bring in your soil or gravel that fills in the hole that is left after your pool has been removed. Dump trucks will save you time by completing the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Other small tools – Many other tools are used when completing a pool removal job. These include tools that the typical person does not usually have at their disposal. These tools may include a grinder (to cut rebar), geotextile filer fabric (help avoid soil relocation), silt sifting bags, pressure washers, etc.

What Will Your Project Cost?

The cost for your pool removal will again depend on the type of pool you have, but for an inground pool (the costliest type to be removed), you can expect to pay anywhere from $8,000 to about $20,000. You will be at the pricier end if you have a large, deep pool that you want to be removed completely. 

The good news is that much if not all of your pool removal costs will be made up for with the money you save on the care and maintenance of your pool. You’ll soon begin to see those savings come in and appreciate the time you will save worrying about it all.

Call Mikula Contracting for Pool Removal

Mikula Contracting gets your pool removal job done right with the material, equipment, tools, and know-how to leave you feeling good about your project completion. 

A pool removal project is not something that can be done easily by just watching a couple of YouTube videos and renting a bobcat at your nearest home improvement store. So when you find yourself wondering “what equipment is used for swimming pool removal” and what to do next, stop and call Mikula Contracting to finish the job the way it should be done. 

Better yet, save yourself time and money and let the professionals take care of things from the beginning. Then, you’ll be happy with how quickly and efficiently we work as well as the quality work you will receive. Your pool removal will not be our first, and we will make sure you see and feel the experience we possess in this area of work. So don’t hesitate to give Mikula Contracting a call today.

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