Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Snow Removal

With winter in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with a snow storm. Instead of waiting for the snowfall to begin searching for a commercial snow removal company, Mikula Contracting strongly recommends you find a company before it snows, so that you’re prepared and ready to go. 

If you wait until a snowstorm to try to find a snow removal service, you might be out of luck, as most snow removal companies in NJ likely have their workday full of customers to serve. 

There are many elements to commercial snow removal that you may not think about, but it is imperative that you, as a commercial building owner, are on top of snow and ice removal throughout the winter.   


One of the most potentially disastrous complications from the winter weather is someone slipping and falling on your property. Of course, sometimes this is inevitable, but if your property is covered with heavy snow and ice, you could get sued by the person who falls. 

To avoid both injuries and lawsuits, you should have a contract signed with a snow removal company sooner rather than later.

Save Time and Energy

For many people, when they wake up, look outside their bedroom window, and see snow, they can only think about the extra time and energy they’ll have to spend shoveling and plowing their commercial property. 

If you don’t want to start your day shoveling in the frigid cold, consider contacting a commercial snow removal company to take the hassle off your hands!

Snow Not Properly Removed Can Cause Serious Property Damage

Not only can winter weather conditions cause damage with people slipping and falling, but it can also wreak havoc on your property. If the snow and ice is not properly removed from your parking lot, it can cause the concrete to split and crack, leading to potentially huge potholes. 

If you’ve been handling the shovels and snow blowers yourself, chances are you probably have a huge mountain of previously shoveled snow somewhere on your property. While, sure, those mounds can be fun for children to play on, as they melt, that mountain of snow could yield significant property damage to your commercial space. 

That’s what’s so fantastic about a good commercial snow removal company! They can usually haul away the shoveled snow from your property, so it’s out of sight and out of mind. That means it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about. 


No matter if your commercial space is a shopping complex, office building, hotel, or doctor’s office, you won’t want to shut down because of some winter weather. You still want your clients and/or customers to be able to have easy access to your facilities. This means you’ll need to provide them with a place to park and a clear walkway, free of snow and ice, to your building. 

Even if the weather conditions are subpar, you’re still looking to make money, so having a comfortable and easily accessible space will encourage people to come by. There are few things worse than braving the harsh winter elements to get to a store or appointment only to find that the parking lot is a snowy tundra that hasn’t been plowed or shoveled. 

To give your commercial space the most opportunity for success and sales, make sure to provide a comfortable and accessible parking lot, driveway, and walkway that’s free of snow and ice. 

Shows Value 

As the owner or manager of a commercial space, you’ll want to show your renters or tenants that you genuinely care. Instead of making them whip out their own snow shovels and ice melt, have the space taken care of for them. 

This will not only make your commercial space look better and encourage more people to try renting from you, but it will also keep your current tenants comfortable, safe, and grateful. 


Whether they’re using snow plows, shovels, heavy machinery, or a combination of the three, your space will look infinitely cleaner once the snow and ice is removed. 

At one point or another, you’ve probably walked through a snowy path and dragged slushy snow through your house. This may be inevitable, but you can seriously limit the amount of slush brought inside by taking care of the snow outside! 

If you find a reliable snow removal company, not only will you not need to worry about the exterior of your property, but you can be sure that you won’t need to take time out of your day to mop and clean your interior halls and walkways to remove slush. 

Specifics to Ask Potential Snow Removal Company

By now, you’re hopefully convinced that hiring a snow removal company is the best course of action for your commercial space; the value cannot be underscored. As you start to contact and meet with different companies, there are some specific questions you should be asking them to make sure you’re both on the same page. 

Are they hauling the snow away or leaving it on your property?

You’ll want to know what’s happening with the snow once it’s plowed and shoveled. Will they be hauling it away to a different location, or will it be left on your property? If it will remain on your property, designate a specific space, far away from parking spots and building entrances. 

What equipment are they using?

There is an abundance of different snow removal equipment. Shovels. Snow plows. Ice melt. Snow blowers. Depending on the size and dimensions of your space, one or a combination of these tools could be used. It’s a good idea to be aware of what, if any, machinery is going to be on your property.

Is the company properly insured?

Considering that they’re likely using heavy machinery on an icy, cold, and potentially dangerous outdoor area, it is imperative that whatever company you go with is properly insured. Accidents happen, but if the snow removal company doesn’t have insurance, you could find yourself liable. 

How long do they estimate snow removal will take?

Of course, each snowfall is different, so it’s nearly impossible to have a universal exact time, but having a rough estimate is always a good idea. Getting a solid base time of how long the removal process should take can help you prepare your customers, clients, employees, and/or tenants as to how long they should expect to be inconvenienced. 

Knowing roughly how long your chosen company will take to remove the snow and ice from your property will be one less variable for you to have to worry about once that snow storm inevitably comes. 

At Mikula Contracting, we provide fair commercial snow removal prices and contracts. Whether you need emergency snow removal services or a consistent removal contractor, our professionals will work with you to satisfy all of your snow plowing needs. Contact us for an estimate today!

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