Test Pit Excavations and What They Can Find

Most test pit excavations occur at the beginning of a construction project before the work begins. These thorough site investigations provide answers to questions like:

  • What kind of debris or rocks will we run into when digging the foundation for the building? 
  • Is the soil contaminated with oil, gasoline, or other toxic substances? 
  • How deep is the water table? 
  • What is the level of groundwater seepage? 

Test pit excavation provides these answers and more at a fraction of the price of fixing the problem if something major were discovered well into the construction process. If you have already constructed a large part of the building to find out the soil is not solid enough for your structure, you are in for a lot more money to solve the problem. 

What Is a Test Pit Excavation?

Test pits are a smaller version of a dig on a construction site to get a picture of what you’re working with on the property. Test pits may also be referred to as trenches and can be long and skinny, and somewhat shallow. Each project will have its own specific depth requirement for the test pit excavation. 

It is also very common to dig a few test pits around the property to make sure the soil is consistent and uncontaminated. 

What Are the Benefits of Digging a Test Pit?

The benefit of digging test pits is getting answers before the construction begins. When you are better prepared to run into the water table while digging the foundation, you will have a plan for a different type of foundation. Or you can have equipment ready that will help you face potential issues. 

If the soil is contaminated, you can take care of the issue before a giant structure is in the way. Keep your contractors safe, as well as the people who will enjoy the commercial or residential property, by choosing soil remediation and certifying the soil to environmental standards. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Digging a Test Pit?

The only drawback to digging a test pit is finding nothing worth noting. Even in that case, it is not a waste of your money to start your construction project with peace of mind. 

One other potential problem that could occur with test pit excavation is hitting utility pipes under the ground. However, this only happens occasionally because a markout is required before digging which means that utility companies have to mark where their lines are in order to prevent something like hitting the pipes from happening. 

The Purpose of Test Pitting

A test pit excavation helps your team prepare for a hefty construction project. If you find out that there is an abundance of roots in the area, you can provide your team with the equipment to cut through the roots as you dig for construction. 

If you find the soil does not absorb groundwater and is sloshy after several days of dry weather, you will need to replace the soil with dirt that absorbs water. These discoveries can save you thousands of dollars when they are detected before the project begins. 

Although not common, perhaps you order several test pit excavations on your property and discover an underground oil tank. Or maybe the owner before you had a swimming pool and filled it in instead of removing it completely. Both of these instances would be valuable to know before you further invest in the property. 

Why Hire an Excavation Company to Perform a Site Investigation?

Let our team come by for test pit excavation to find the answers to your soil questions. We can dig trial pits to show what may be discovered on the property. Our team will perform tank scans and will work with survey companies to ensure that there is no underground structure. 

Once the test pit excavation is complete, our partners in environmental engineering will provide a full report about the quality of the soil, if there are any underground structures, and if the soil is solid enough to hold a structure. 

Knowing these answers will help you obtain insurance and a clear certification from environmental services on your building project. Safety comes first in all things, and that includes test pit excavation. 

Complete Your Test Pit Excavations with Mikula Contracting

Mikula Contracting is a name you can trust in the excavation industry. Our team is proud to serve New Jersey residents and business owners as you venture into a new construction project. If you are ready to choose a property and want an inspection before the sale goes through, we are happy to dig a few test pits to see what you are working with. 

You always want to be sure that you are getting a good deal with the land that you invest in. Our team can guarantee a full soil inspection to learn what to expect if you build on specific land. Arm yourself with knowledge by contacting Mikula Contracting today. 

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