What is Test Pit Excavation?

When you are ready to start new construction, you may already be aware that the site must first be inspected and evaluated. But where do you start? One of the best ways to gain a sampling of the soil is through test pits and trenches. What is a test pit? The short answer to what is a test pit is when an excavation team digs multiple holes or trenches on the property to collect samples of the soil. 

Let’s explore this further. 

What is Test Pit Excavation?

A big part of site investigation before building on the land is test pit excavation. When you ask, what is test pit excavation, you will find out why you need it. 

An excavation team will carefully take samples of the soil, digging a few feet below the projected construction dig. And then, the soil will be evaluated for rock ratio, the softness of the soil, and contamination. 

Here are some things that a test pit excavation can discover: 

  • Layer of Shallow Rock: Some areas of the country have layers of rock right under the shallow surface of the soil. When a contracting team knows about the rock that will need to be dug out, it can prepare by using different equipment and altering the timeline for the project. 
  • Water Table Location: The water table is a layer of water underneath ground soil. It is when soil is considered compact without oxygen flowing through it. The water table can change with the seasons, but it is always an asset to know where it starts on your construction site. 
  • Soil Contamination: If there were an oil spill or hazardous chemicals in the soil from a previous time, you would want to know about it before building a residential or commercial building. Contaminated soil can be detrimental to the public and is not a suitable growing area for plants and vegetation to grow. Imagine finding out about contaminated soil at the end of your construction project. It would be damaging financially. 
  • Potential for Growth: Contaminated soil is not the only earth that plants will not thrive on. There are types of soil that are very dry and rocky that will not grow greenery easily. You can find that out through test pit excavation. And then you can bring in your own clean fill to fix the problem. 

When you find out, what is a test pit, you can discover so many things. It is vital to conduct test pitting services before a big construction project to avoid a setback when so much money has been invested. 

Why Choose Test Pitting Services?

Say you were to find out what is a test pit after you started on construction? If you start without knowing what is a test pit, then you may have invested a lot of money in a land that is filled with contaminated soil and required soil remediation. Or you may find that the earth is susceptible to landslides or sinking and will not offer a solid ground for a building. 

When you hire a geotechnical engineer to show you what is a test pit, you will learn about the soil before starting the project. Then you don’t have to put the timeline on hold when you discover setbacks with the ground late in the construction process. 

Is a Test Pit Always Needed?

Is it widely known what is a test pit in the construction business? Many contractors have learned their lessons when finding out late in a project about a problem with the soil. Test pit excavations are needed on any project that you would like to avoid surprises. 

The more you know about the land before starting construction, the less money your project will cost. Also, because you are prepared on what is a test pit and how it will teach you more about the soil, you won’t have any surprises come your way during construction. 

Who Benefits From Test Pit Excavation?

What is a test pit, and who benefits from it? If you are a contractor, homeowner, or commercial landowner, you will benefit from test pit excavation. 

Mikula Contracting has been in business for over 70 years serving the Northern New Jersey communities. We have built a reputation of trust, expertise, and care over the years. You can enlist our team for help in your test pit excavation. 

We also offer other excavation services: 

  • Removal of Large Equipment or Structures: Whether you have a garage or swimming pool to be removed, our team can take care of it. Large structures like underground oil tanks or playgrounds are part of our excavation services. 
  • Addition of Clean Fill to a New Construction: Leveling land includes filling in parts of land that are lower than the rest of the area. Our certified clean fill is exactly what you need to get your land up to grade for your new construction. 
  • Removal of Dirt for Leveling Land: When you think of excavation services, you may picture a large excavator moving dirt around. Your childhood fantasies can come to life when you discover that’s what we offer at Mikula Contracting. We move dirt. Let us take large amounts of dirt off your hands so that you can start on your contracting project. 

Our team is happy to meet your excavation needs in New Jersey. You can count on us to prepare your land for new construction by knowing what is a test pit, building test pits and trenches, testing the soil, and soil remediation and removal. If you need new earth brought in for a project, you can rely on us for certified clean fill.  

NJ Test Pit Excavation Contractors

At Mikula Contracting, you can find trusted test pit excavation contractors. Our team is experienced in test pits and trenches and can work to get you the results you need before starting new construction. Contact us today to ask all of your questions. We want to help you understand what is a test pit and use it to your benefit. 


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