Potential Issues Without Proper Drainage

Drainage issues can be costly and damaging to your home and property alike. For example, you may experience damage to your foundation from the constant pooling of water pushing up against the integrity of your home. Or you may experience damage to the interior of your home from flooding. 

It takes extensive planning and execution to fix a drain problem on your property. Still, it should be a priority to search for excavation companies that can offer their services today. Excavation contractors have the customer service and expertise to redirect the water on your property so that it adequately drains during a rainstorm. 

Signs that You Have a Drainage Issue

Pick up the phone and call excavation companies to start getting a quote for your drainage issues. These are tell-tell signs that it’s time to take action: 

  • Mosquitos gathering around stagnant water in your yard
  • Water pooling in the middle or edges of your yard by a wall
  • Signs of erosion
  • Plants and grass dying from too much water
  • Flooding in the basement
  • Ice accumulating on patios and in puddles 

Any of these signs are problematic when left alone. Therefore, excavation services are needed to look into your current drainage situation and see what went wrong. Your trusted excavation company will have the problem fixed in no time. 

Possible Drainage Issues

As you start to investigate what could be causing your drainage issues in your yard, especially if it is a new problem, there are several things to consider. First, take note of whether the water pools during a storm and how long the water accumulation lasts. Confirm that it has nothing to do with the septic system. Then you will be prepared to find solutions quickly. Your drainage problems may be caused by one or several of the following factors.

  • Run-off from Neighbors: Even if you have your draining issues taken care of, you may still receive an influx of pooling water during a hefty storm. Is it possible that your neighbor’s grading leads to water accumulation on your property? Absolutely. Excavation companies can mediate between you and your neighbors during their site work so that you can civilly find a solution between the two properties for drainage solutions. It’s likely that your neighbor is unaware that their run-off is pooling directly into your yard. 
  • No Wall Drains: Water pools on properties with cinder block or brick walls that may be blocking water from taking its natural course. Have you ever seen strategically placed holes in the bottom of neighborhood brick walls? They are there for a reason– drainage! First, inspect the holes in your wall to be sure that they are not obstructed. Then, contact excavation services to make the holes bigger or implement more holes into the property wall. 
  • Clogged Drains from Roots: If you have a working drainage system on your property, it could become less efficient due to blockage from roots or debris. It makes sense that underground drain pipes could get backed up with debris that the water carries into them during heavy storms. Check your existing drain pipes for blockage before embarking on a whole new drainage system. 
  • Lack of Gutters: Your home has gutters on it for a reason. The worst place you would want water to accumulate is on your roof! Roof replacements are expensive, which is why a proper gutter system is vital to maintaining the integrity of your roof. This simple construction project ensures that gutters are installed to redirect water away from your home and into the soil below. 
  • Improperly Installed Downspouts: Downspouts are installed on the side of buildings to direct the water to soak into the soil or guide its way out of your property. If you have a downspout that directs the water into a pool of mush that never dissipates, it’s time to find a new path for your downspout. Excavation services can help. 
  • Property Grading Mistakes: The point of grading your property is to gradually decline your grass or landscaping so that water moves away from your home during a storm. Perhaps the grading was not done correctly, or it has changed over time. Excavation companies have all the insight you need to find grading solutions. 
  • New Landscaping: Could it be possible that your new landscaping project could contribute to drainage problems in your yard? Sometimes, when you embark on a new landscaping project, you change the grading of your land. For example, if you were to plant an elevated garden, the grading may slope toward your house and, therefore, direct water toward your home during a storm. Excavation construction can grade your land the right way. 
  • Saturated Soil: If you have soil in your yard that seems to be constantly saturated with water, sometimes even making an impression or what looks like a sinkhole in the yard, you need help. The saturation could be an issue because of the type of soil. If the soil is too clay-like, it will absorb too much water. If the soil is too sandy, the water can slip right through it, causing erosion and clearing out the soil as it flows through your property. Use soil that is the perfect mix so that water moves through it without staying or bringing the soil with it. 

You don’t have to live with drainage issues, hoping they will resolve themselves. Excavation companies have the expertise to identify and find a solution so that the draining on your property can keep your home safe from water damage. 

Possible Solutions to Your Drainage Issues

When you contact excavation services, it may be helpful to be familiar with specific techniques that are used to solve your draining problems. That way, you can add your input and show your competence. Here are some possible treatments to fix your water accumulation on your property: 

  • Sump Pump: If you can’t get water to budge off your property, a sump pump may be needed to get it out immediately. Then you can start from a clean slate as you plan for drainage solutions with your excavation company. 
  • French Drains: French drains can be installed to direct the water run-off away from your home.
  • Channel Drains: Channel drains are great around the outdoor patio so that the water doesn’t pool into your grass. You may not guess that water can pool around the patio, but it does when the patio itself does not absorb any moisture. 
  • Installing a Water Feature: You may install a pond or waterfall on the property to accommodate naturally pooling water. Add variety and ambiance to your yard while solving your drainage problem. 

There are so many ways to find solutions to your property draining issues. Excavation services are available to help you through this problem. Learn how your property can reach its full potential with a new drainage system. 

Prevent Setbacks with Professional Drain Excavators

Mikula Contracting has extensive experience in excavation services when it comes to drains and redirecting water on your property. We take pride in serving the homeowners of New Jersey. When you choose our company out of dozens of excavation companies, you can rely on a lifelong partnership with a trusted team. 

Our Mikula Contracting team can find the ideal drainage system for your property. Avoid all of these complications by hiring competent excavation services. Contact us today for a consultation on your property.

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