Four Drainage Solutions for Your Parking Lot

Standing water in a parking lot is more than an inconvenience – water issues can also cause damage and drainage problems. If you overlook these seemingly minor issues, then poor drainage can lead to more serious complications and expensive repairs in the future. If you have issues with your parking lot, then contact our experienced team for help with commercial drainage services in New Jersey.

When standing water is in a parking lot, it can damage the pavement because it slowly penetrates through the asphalt. Additionally, a lot of water and heavy storms can bring in the debris and contaminants that cause the drains to clog over time. Eventually, the asphalt and drainage system can start to fall apart, leading to serious safety issues and big complications that can be challenging to manage. 

There are various strategies that can be used for managing a parking lot drainage system. Our team will evaluate the site and determine the best methods to address your unique needs. These are some of the methods that might be considered as solutions for your drainage system.

Solution #1: Trench Drains

When you have a larger commercial site, such as a sports arena or shopping mall, then a trench drain might be the best solution. The trench drain system moves the stormwater to the desired location because the trenches naturally collect the excess water.

These trench systems use curb-opening inlets or grates that filter the water before it moves into the trenches. As with other systems, it’s important to eliminate this debris to prevent clogging and blockages in the runoff. Trench drainage basins are more expensive compared to other designs, but they are worth the expense when you have a large area that needs to be drained.

Solution #2: French Drains

If aesthetics are a priority, then consider the option to install French drains. This system moves the water effectively while also improving the overall appearance of the parking lot at the same time. The drainage trench is filled with gravel and might have perforated pipes that slope down to help the flow of the water.

Depending on the location, you might be able to landscape the area over the French drains to hide the stormwater system. If you have low spots and water in these areas is an ongoing concern, then talk to our team about your options for French drain installation.

Solution #3: Catch Basins

Catch basins are a standard method for handling stormwater. This basin is designed to be a temporary location to catch the stormwater in a detention location. The water moves through the surface grate to collect debris and prevent it from coming into the catch basins. It’s essential always to have these grates in place because if foreign materials move into the pipes and inlets, it can cause blockages and additional damage.

As the water moves through the grates and enters the drainage system, it settles into the catch basins. If you have a small area and limited space for your drainage solution, then catch basins can be a simple and affordable option.

Solution #4: Concrete-Encased Drainage Basins

Sometimes, additional reinforcements are necessary for drainage basins. This method takes your system to the next level by reinforcing the structure to avoid collapsing. For example, if you have a high-traffic parking lot, then there is a higher risk of collapse. So, many commercial properties use concrete-encased systems to ensure they will hold up under the pressure.

This additional concrete increases the construction costs. However, it is worth the investment to ensure that you are installing the right commercial drainage services in New Jersey. The system is stronger and more reliable, which offers better durability and a longer lifespan to help you avoid issues in the future.

Contact Mikula Contracting For Your Commercial Drainage Needs in New Jersey

At Mikula Contracting, we offer full-service options for commercial drainage services in New Jersey. In addition to these four popular drainage systems, there are alternative drainage solutions that can also be discussed, based on your unique needs. Our goal is to channel the water and protect your property – while also considering your budget every step of the way. 

Keep in mind that a parking lot drainage system is an investment, and it also requires ongoing care and cleaning. If you want to ensure proper flow, then it’s important to make sure that everything is designed well initially. Also, periodic cleaning is often necessary to remove any debris that can build up over time. Erosion is another concern that sometimes needs to be addressed. So, we recommend annual inspections to evaluate the condition of your drainage system and implement any maintenance or repair services that might be necessary.

A little bit of preventive service upfront can go a long way to help you avoid the more complicated issues in the future. For more information about commercial drainage services in New Jersey, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our professional team at Mikula Contracting.

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