Five Common Residential Demolition Myths

There are many misconceptions and myths concerning residential demolition. Many people think demolition is just destroying the old, even historic homes and buildings, for selfish reasons and only to bring about new, modern construction. This isn’t quite the case. Let’s debunk some of the outlandish myths associated with residential demolition so you can understand more fully what is involved in such projects.

Myth #1 – Demolition Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Demolition results in harm to the environment no matter what you do to avoid it, right? This myth is not true. Professional demolition companies use methods to aid in removing and properly disposing of harmful substances to protect natural resources from any harm during a demo. There is quite a bit of thought and effort that goes into protecting the environment.

Not only do companies like Mikula Contracting work to protect surrounding people and places, but they also strive to be environmentally friendly by recycling any materials possible and working with clients to meet their contracting needs.

Myth #2 – Demolition Is Chaotic and Dangerous

Demolition is often viewed as buildings being blown up and things going wrong. It’s what gets the “hits” and “clicks” on the internet, isn’t it? In reality, the demolition industry is much more complex, and demo work is done carefully, with a great deal of preparation.

There are risks involved with demolition, but everything possible is done to keep our crew and others safe. Inspections are done, hazards are removed, and every part of the job is examined before the demo starts. In addition, Mikula Contracting strives to constantly enhance our skills and continue to improve our technique as we keep up with new and changing industry standards, keeping all involved safer than ever.

Myth #3 – Demolition Is Expensive

You may have heard that demolition is expensive and that you should do everything you can to avoid it. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Saying demolition projects are just “too expensive” is a very sweeping statement, and the price will depend on the job. Really, when compared to the rest of the construction that will take place at the demolition site, the demolition itself is often a relatively small part of the expense.

Myth #4 – Demolition Destroys Historic Buildings and Homes

The truth is historic buildings and homes are rarely torn down and demolished, so this myth can be easily debunked just by looking at the numbers. Demolition services are sometimes even used to help preserve historic buildings as safety updates are made. In fact,  if a historic building is demolished it is typically done for safety reasons. 

Historic buildings, homes, and structures can be moved or repurposed which is why it’s important to work with an experienced demolition contractor. In addition, professional demo crews have experience narrowing down only specific parts of a building that need demolition while still ensuring the structural integrity and strength of the remainder of the building, increasing the longevity of the historic structure. 

Myth #5 – All Demolition Companies Are the Same

How hard can it be to knock down walls and tear down old construction? Well, it’s much more complex than you may originally believe. Residential demolition is not something that just anyone can do. It can be dangerous for those performing the demo as well as those in the near vicinity and possibly for those that will live there in the future if the demolition is not done right. Beyond this, “demolition” as a concept applies to a much broader range of skills and equipment than a layperson might expect. For example, a contractor who does demolition on commercial buildings may not work on residential homes, or vice versa. Similarly, demolishing exterior walls or full structures is different from taking down interior walls, and your contractor may not be equipped to handle one or the other. Be sure that your contractor understands your needs so they can ensure that they have the people, skills, and equipment to manage your project. 

There are technical and safety precautions that must be taken, as well as environmental concerns that must be addressed. Not all demolition contractors are the same. Choosing the right demolition experts to do the job is crucial.

When picking from a slew of demolition companies, make sure to:

  • Gather several quotes before making a choice. Make sure you’re comparing the small details as well as the bigger ones. 
  • Establish clear communication. Make sure you are clear with your contractor about how and when you would like to communicate during the demolition process, and that they agree it’s something they can abide by. Also, be sure that you are clear on what you expect and want on the project itself, including specifics.
  • Plan out an expected timetable. Agreeing on an acceptable timetable for your demolition work to be completed in the beginning will establish expectations. If your contractor is unsure about a timeline and doesn’t want to confirm any deadline, you may consider moving on to a different company.
  • Look at previous work and experience.
  • Check out licenses and insurance and confirm they are current.
  • Be sure your contractor will take care of demo clean-up and disposal so that you’re not left to do the dirty work unexpectedly.

The Demolition Experts at Mikula Contracting Are Here for Your Residential Demolition Needs

Mikula Contracting is the demolition crew that takes the time needed to complete your residential demolition with the utmost care. Our goal is to relieve the stress surrounding your home demo because of the complete trust and confidence you have in our demolition process. 

Don’t just take our word for the great work we do. We have completed many demolition projects of different sizes and encourage our clients and potential clients to see our work for themselves. 

Ready to get started on your residential demolition? Mikula Contracting is ready to get started! Give us a call today.

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