Why you should let the professionals handle your residential demolition project

Often, demolition is necessary for construction. Sometimes, demolitions are actually renovations in disguise. And then there are times when you just need to demolish something for your own sanity and peace of mind. Whatever your reasons for a residential demolition project, only trust professionals to handle it.

Beginnings and endings are an essential part of life. How you handle them determines whether they are orderly and calm or a colossal mess. This is true whether you are talking about relationships, rivers or residential demolition projects. By letting professionals handle your project, you can ensure that all will go smoothly. There are many other reasons why it’s important to choose your contractor wisely.

Types of residential demolition projects

Whole house demolition – there are times when an entire house must go. This could be due to age and deterioration, infestation or local laws. If extensive repairs are necessary and the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the house, starting over is a smart option. You could also elect to remove a structure because all you really want is the land it sits on. It’s also possible that you’ve found the perfect location for your family to live but the house itself is ugly.


Disaster cleanup – weather can wreak havoc on even the strongest homes and structures. When a roof is severely damaged or there is significant flooding after a tornado, hurricane or snow storm, this is no longer a safe place to live. When a home has become unsafe or unfixable, it’s best to remove this threat altogether for community welfare or potential liability issues. If your home has been rendered structurally unsound, you may need to demolish all or parts of it and start over.


Making room for renovations – as they say, out with the old and in with the new. A kitchen renovation might require knocking out the back wall. That upscale bathroom you want could produce tons of debris from the old one.


Swimming pool removal – contrary to what every kid might think, swimming pools are not for everyone. Additionally, you may have purchased property with a swimming pool that is broken or in disrepair. This could also be a safety hazard if you have small children.


Top reasons why you shouldn’t take on residential demolition projects by yourself


Home improvement reality shows on television are filled with do it yourselfers who make residential demolition look so easy. Even when they experience problems or setbacks, this is shown as no big deal and it’s all handled within an hour long episode. The finished product is always pristine with no lingering issues.

While you may be tempted to follow their lead, this is a far cry from the reality you can expect. In real life, these situations lead to headaches, arguments and wasted time and money. Some projects are fine for the do it yourselfer, such as landscaping or repairs. Residential demolition is not one of them.


Reason 1: Residential demolition takes skill and experience

To do it right, you need to actually know what you are doing. A professional will have the proper tools and equipment, as well as the knowledge to handle any situation that may arise.


Reason 2: You may think that doing it yourself saves time and money, but it doesn’t

By the time you are done purchasing all the materials, renting dumpsters and troubleshooting problems, you could have just hired a professional. This is not including the time you may have to take off from work, manual hours put in from friends and relatives and the days or weeks spent looking at the unfinished project before it’s completed. If anything does not go according to plan, you will have to invest additional dollars to fix it. In the end, you will likely spend a lot more money and time trying to save money and time.


Reason 3: Your own safety

Studies show that more than 4,000 people are injured each year attempting do it yourself projects. Hundreds of deaths are linked to ladder falls alone. Attempting demolition projects on your own puts both your person and your property at risk for injury and damage.


Reason 4: Unforeseen issues

You may not be aware of all the potential problems connected with a do it yourself project. For example, you could unwittingly release toxins into the air or ground, encounter asbestos, knock down trees or disrupt underground power lines. This could create environmental or public safety issues and get you into trouble with the city or your gas or electric company.


Reason 5: Liability and insurance issues

Most insurance companies will not cover damages and injuries that result from do it yourself projects. You will also be liable from damages that may occur on neighboring or surrounding property as a byproduct of your demolition project. On the contrary, a qualified contractor will already have the necessary insurance and licenses required to tackle any residential demolition job.


Reason 6: To stay ahead of local laws and ordinances.

When you are planning any type of renovation or demolition, there are numerous rules and regulations you must follow. Failure to do so will result in fines and legal complications. These rules can change at any time and ignorance is no excuse for lack of compliance. There are various laws regarding things like harmful materials and debris, disposal of lead based materials, and open burning regulations. You may also be subject to state or local inspections that are either routine or the result of a complaint.


Reason 7: There is more to residential demolition than just digging and destruction

In addition to laws and regulations, there is more involved on your residential property than meets the eye. For example, you must deal with the utility company before you dig. Things like water, gas and electricity may need to be disconnected before you begin. A licensed professional will be aware of these types of issues and can steer you in the right direction.


At Mikula Contracting, we are residential demolition experts. We will evaluate your demolition needs and create a customized plan that is right for you. We service Essex, Passaic, Hudson, Bergen, Union and Morris counties. Call today for a fast quote.

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