Five Environmental Considerations in Seepage Pit Design

A seepage pit often goes hand-in-hand with a septic tank system, creating a porous masonry area where household waste can be collected and gradually seep into the ground. If a conventional septic system won’t work or there isn’t access to a main sewer system in the area, then a seepage pit can be a great […]

The first step when buying property is learning about the soil and if it meets your needs and is suitable and safe for plants to grow, animals to graze and play, and for your family to enjoy your home. You can always get your soil tested to find out if it is contaminated. Continue reading […]

Soil remediation is required when you find a harmful substance in your soil that can be harmful to animals, people, and plant life. If you fail to treat your soil, you will incur federal fines that can be detrimental to your business or construction project.  You should always test for soil contamination before a construction […]

Contaminated soil can present concerns not only to our health but also to the well-being of the environment around us. If not addressed and managed correctly, dangerous threats within contaminated soil can spread not only to people and the environment in the immediate vicinity but to wildlife and even the ecosystem, causing long-lasting damage.  What […]

Demolishing a house sounds pretty straightforward – grab a sledgehammer or rent a piece of equipment and begin tearing things down. It’s not quite that easy, though. Many environmental and health consequences can come from demolishing a house. We will examine some of the most important things you should pay attention to during the next […]

How Long Does Soil Remediation Take? Soil remediation is the process of removing or replacing the soil to get rid of contamination. Soil contamination occurs when toxins get mixed with the natural compounds of the soil.  Many times, these chemicals come from industrial activity or hazardous waste such as heavy metals and/or pesticides. However, contamination […]

Using Test Pits for Soil Exploration Surface exploration can provide you with many clues about the stability of the ground. However, it doesn’t provide you with the full picture. For that reason, many contractors and engineers will utilize test pits for soil exploration.    Just as the name would imply, a test pit is a hole […]

Contaminated soil is soil infused with a chemical substance that is not good for the environment and not good for the growth of plants and vegetation. Oftentimes, it is an accident to spill the substance into the soil. Other times, it is an effect of using pesticides or other substances used to kill weeds. Unfortunately, […]

What is Environmental Remediation? Have you recently purchased property that chemicals have contaminated? If so, it’s easy to let that stop you from moving forward with your construction project. However, soil contamination isn’t the end of the world. While it should be taken seriously, there are several soil remediation methods you can use to restore […]

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