Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Snow Removal

With winter in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with a snow storm. Instead of waiting for the snowfall to begin searching for a commercial snow removal company, Mikula Contracting strongly recommends you find a company before it snows, so that you’re prepared and ready to go.  If you […]

Clearing snow and ice is a heavy job that requires more than just bulldozing the problem. Learn more about how the best professionals handle the situation. It may surprise our readers to know that there’s a non-profit trade association with a focus on training, events, and best practices related to snow plowing, ice handling, and […]

Heavy snow is a liability for business owners and something you should have a professional handle   Wintertime isn’t just a season when people pack on a few extra pounds. Mother Nature does it too in the form of heavy snow. Snow slows traffic, closes schools, and can cause quite a bit of chaos, but […]

The benefits of hiring a professional speak for themselves, but does it really matter if your choice is local? It certainly does. Here are the many reasons why a contractor from your own neighborhood is a cut above the rest. Right off the bat, a local business is quite literally invested in their community. They’re […]

Why businesses need to have a snow removal plan in place early While we’ve already had our fair share of snow in northeast New Jersey, the worst could be yet to come. According to weather experts, our area may see as much as 75 inches before Old Man Winter decides to call it quits. The […]

Winter is coming: Do you have a snow removal plan? Is there anyone who doesn’t like the exhilaration and enchantment of a fresh snowfall? Perhaps you might feel differently if you are responsible for shoveling away all that snow from your business. However, with the right commercial snow removal company, you can see it less as […]

They say it’s not what you look for, but what you find that matters. If you are in the market for commercial snow removal service for your business, both parts are vital.   All commercial snow removal service companies are not created equal. You must do your homework to find one that is best for […]

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