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Commercial and Residential Excavation Contracting in Northern NJ.

Commercial Services Residential Services
Mikula Contracting, Inc., a family owned and operated business, has been servicing all of New Jersey Since 1946. We provide commercial and residential customers with a wide range of excavation, demolition, environmental, snow removal, trucking and soil materials services.

Residential Services

If you need help with a residential project. Mikula offers residential services that can help with a part of your project or handle the entire thing.

Residential Excavation

Excavation is required before you build a new home. It is vital for laying the foundation, installing plumbing systems and making sure the land is safe to build upon.

Residential Demolition & Disposal

Do you have a house or garage that needs to be removed? Mikula Contracting is a family-run business leader in the residential demolition industry.

Residential Drainage

Mikula Contracting, Inc. has many years of experience with troubleshooting drainage issues.  If you have problems involving street water, lawn water, storm water damage, or trench drainage systems let us solve your water problem with complete drainage design.

Residential Pool Removal

As a leading demolition company in the state of New Jersey for over 70 years, Mikula Contracting offers pool removal as one of it many demolition services.

Residential Oil Tank Removal

Mikula Contracting, Inc. is a fully insured and certified demolition company throughout the State of New Jersey for underground tank removal.

Residential Trucking & Material Delivery

With over 70 years of business in the construction industry, Mikula Contracting, Inc. is your first choice for all of your Residential Trucking and Material Delivery needs.

Residential Oil Tank Scans

If you are buying or selling a house and are concerned there is an underground oil tank on the property, Mikula Contracting, Inc. is here to help you with your residential buying, selling, and maintenance concerns.
Commercial and Residential Excavation Contractor in Clifton NJ