What is the Process of Scanning for an Oil Tank?

If you own an older property in the Northeast, are there any underground heating tanks in the area? A typical home inspection doesn’t look for these tanks, so it might make sense to look into oil tank scans to locate any hidden tanks on the property.  It’s important to know if you have an underground […]

In the past, oil tanks were a common source of fuel to heat residential homes. Now, modern construction typically outfits properties with utility hookups that use fuel oil through the grid instead. But many properties are still out there with old, abandoned oil tanks. When these tanks are no longer in use, it’s essential to […]

Oil tank removal is on the minds of all New Jersey homeowners with an old oil tank buried on their property. “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply when the value of your property and your family’s safety is on the line.  When you find trusted contractors for oil tank removal in New […]

Whether you are building a new home or are excited to put an addition to your current home, you’ll first need to hire an excavation contractor in New Jersey to prepare the work site. Excavation is a critical step in getting ready for the construction process. Before an excavation contractor brings the heavy machinery to […]

Back in the day, it was common to have an oil tank buried on residential property. It was used to heat the home. Over time, they found out that using electricity is much cheaper to heat a house the way we do now.  When you consider repairs to the buried oil tank, oil leaks into […]

It was common to heat the home using an underground oil tank in the backyard four decades ago. While this method has been widely abandoned, underground oil tanks remain on residential properties. They are a liability in that they may cause an oil leak on property, which leads to health problems and toxicity to the […]

As we get closer to officially starting spring, people are beginning to plan their home improvement projects for the coming season. Sure, after spending the majority of the winter indoors, you likely have many interior projects you’d like to complete, but have you considered having an oil tank scan conducted on your property? Who Needs […]

The benefits of hiring a professional speak for themselves, but does it really matter if your choice is local? It certainly does. Here are the many reasons why a contractor from your own neighborhood is a cut above the rest. Right off the bat, a local business is quite literally invested in their community. They’re […]

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