What is a Land Improvement Contractor?

Hiring a land improvement contractor means that you are working with a team that not only moves the soil, but approaches the project with the goal of protecting the environment. If you need help with earthwork, excavation, or other related services, then it makes sense to call a New Jersey land improvement contractor for help. 

What Does a Land Improvement Contractor Do?  

When you hire local enterprises in land improvement contracting, there are many different services available. These services can help businesses and homeowners with building, growth, and expansion, while simultaneously protecting the environment. Our contractors strive to improve available services in a way that preserves natural resources.

Common services from a New Jersey land improvement contractor include:

  • Grading: The level and slope of the soil matter because when precipitation comes down, the grading affects where the water goes. Grading and sloping contractors keep the water moving away from the structure or house to prevent damage to the building. They do so through angle and design of the earthwork and landscaping features, which help surface water flow away instead of toward the home or building. 
  • Excavating: Hiring an excavation contractor is an important step in the construction process. Excavation services are customized to each work site and often involve the removal of soil or rocks to prepare the ground for construction. Other examples of excavation include trench digging and splitting.
  • Site Preparation: Before construction, it’s important to make sure that the ground is ready for a foundation placement. Site preparation typically includes a multi-step approach incorporating a variety of contractor services, such as grading, leveling, drainage, demolition, clearing land, site surveying, earthmoving, and more.
  • Drainage: A New Jersey land improvement contractor assists with drainage as part of the construction process. The goal of these services is to remove water from the property and redirect the water to proper runoff locations, helping to avoid building damage and oversaturation of the soil.

These services are available in many locations and construction conditions, including cities, ranches, farms, and even rural areas. The professional practices implemented in construction are designed to preserve water and soil in the area.

What is LICA?

The Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) organization was started in 1950 by a group of contractors who were proactive about preserving water and land resources. Over the years, chapters have continued to spread throughout the country, with the organization ultimately reaching from coast to coast. 

LICA’s objectives focus on one priority: conservation. The organization brings together people who have similar interests in protecting the environment. The team is working together to encourage high standards through education and safe practices. Not only do LICA contractors follow legislation and regulations, but they go above and beyond to ensure that the land is being protected.

Benefits of Working with a Contractor Involved in LICA

When you need site preparation and other services, why should you hire a New Jersey land improvement contractor involved with LICA? You need professional conservation of soil services, allowing you to complete your project and protect the environment at the same time.

LICA contractors receive training in the latest methods for construction and environmental preservation. For many years, LICA contractors have been working hard to establish the best practices that allow community growth and expansion while also protecting the surrounding natural resources.

Hiring a professional contractor ensures that the excavation, grading, and site preparation are completed safely and efficiently. At the same time, natural features are maintained whenever possible. We hold tight to the highest levels of integrity to go beyond the basic laws and regulations.

Are You in Need of a New Jersey Land Improvement Contractor?

Do you need to hire a New Jersey land improvement contractor? We invite you to reach out to our team at Mikula Contracting. We’ve been serving the community for years and offer a wide range of services: grading, excavating, drainage, and more. 

We work with dedication to our customers while also prioritizing environmental protection at the same time. Mikula Contracting has received the New Jersey LICA Excellence in Safety Award multiple times. Dennis Mikula is also the President of the Board of Directors of New Jersey LICA.

Contact us at your convenience to learn more about the services we offer and our involvement in NJLICA.

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