The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Poor Drainage

Poor drainage can happen in a commercial or residential setting. Although it may not seem like a problem at first, the economic and environmental impacts of poor commercial drainage and residential drainage can be enormous in the long term. 

The impact of less-than-desirable water drainage can affect all of us, as it allows water to damage the foundations of our homes and buildings, destroy our roads and other public areas, and even affect our health in several ways. Let’s discover more about the impacts of poor drainage and why we all need to pay attention.


We’ve all seen TV news coverage of horrible flooding, especially during the rainy season. Flooding can cause tragic loss of life as well as property. If you’ve ever had a home flood, you know how devastating it can be and how much money it can cost to repair the damage. 

Think about the crops and farms damaged for a whole season or more when flooding occurs. It’s sad to see, especially when in many cases simple commercial drainage or residential drainage solutions for surface water and subsurface water could have made the difference in preventing thousands of dollars of damage. Additionally, think of the irreplaceable effects of flood damage such as loss of property, memories at that property, or sentimental items within the property like photo albums. 

Water damage continues to be the number one repair expense in the country. This is due to many factors, including poor landscaping and ineffective drainage systems. In addition, homeowners and building owners contribute, ignoring the fact that regular maintenance must be done to their drainage systems as well as other areas of their property on a regular basis.

Installing drainage methods such as a French drain, a catch basin, and trenches can help. Also, repairing soil erosion or incorrect land grades can help take flooding waters and redirect them away from your property, solving recurring flooding problems.


An issue that is commonly seen with poor drainage is erosion. When water is allowed to run freely, it will collect things like soil and other debris along the way. This erosion can affect the look of your landscaping by carrying soil to other places as well as taking the nutrients from plants and trees that are needed for healthy growth. It can also cause structures, roads, and sidewalks to collapse or sink.

There are effective drainage systems that help with water management as well as erosion control systems that can fix these issues or at least minimize them.


If you have standing water in areas of your property, you could have a health hazard on your hands for you and other living creatures around you. Stagnant water tends to attract mosquitoes and other pests, and as they breed, this water becomes very unhealthy and even carries diseases. As insects and wildlife come to drink from that standing water, they can become very sick.

Mold can also become a major concern in places like basements or other damp areas. This is another reason why adequate commercial and residential drainage is a must. You don’t want standing water on your property at all.

Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary conditions are one of the scariest things that can happen from poor drainage systems or the lack of drainage systems altogether. As conditions become unsanitary and stagnant water is present, all kinds of waterborne diseases and illnesses can come forward. 

We’ve seen or heard examples of these unsanitary conditions in countries all over the world. Drainage systems put in place by charities or other volunteers in these areas continue to help residents stay healthy and strong, keeping unsanitary conditions at bay.

Foundation Damage

Some drainage systems tend to direct water out of downspouts that are close to the foundation of your home or building. This kind of continued exposure to water can cause damage to the foundation. Especially during the cold months of the year, the water can enter cracks in the foundation and then freeze and expand, making the cracks worse.

Keeping your gutters and roof clean and clear of debris, as well as extending downspouts away from your foundation, can help ease these issues. Always consider your foundation and its longevity when brainstorming drainage solutions. 

Consult Mikula Contracting to Solve Your Residential and Commercial Drainage Issues

Mikula Contracting is ready to help with any residential drainage or commercial drainage problems you may face. Whatever structure you are trying to protect, we can help you make a better plan for effective drainage.

If you have begun to see soil erosion, standing water, foundation cracks, or more, contact Mikula Contracting today. Our team of experts will advise you on the best commercial drainage and residential drainage options available to you and your property. Our goal is to repair or tweak existing drainage systems if they are the best course of action, minimizing your financial hit. Together we can solve any drainage issues you have.

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