How To Know If You Have Backyard Drainage Issues

If a huge storm comes through and dumps a load of rain on your property, leaving you with standing water for a few hours, anyone may start to wonder about drainage troubles. But if your yard is flooded with water every time your sprinklers go on, you know that you need to find a solution to your backyard drainage issues in New Jersey. 

If you hire a professional landscaper to design your yard, one landscape feature includes ensuring that your yard is draining properly. The soil should always be healthy enough to absorb water, but if flooding leads to runoff of topsoil, the clay soil left over can saturate and lead to problems. 

This is one common problem with backyard draining. The last thing you want to do is bring out a sump pump because you cannot get standing water off your property. Standing water leads to bugs and unpleasant smells. Here are some other backyard drainage issues in New Jersey. 

Common Causes of Backyard Drainage Issues

You are not alone if you are experiencing backyard drainage issues in New Jersey. Various drainage problems can come up, and they can change as the years go by. Some examples include: 

  • Clogged drain pipe 
  • Water pools in the middle of the yard
  • Poor yard landscape design with plants not getting enough water
  • Excess water drowning even the water-loving plants
  • Trouble spots in the grass that do not green in uniformity
  • Flooding to the home
  • Soil washing away, creating paths through the mulch

For each backyard drainage issue is a drainage solution. You do not have to live with standing water on your property that breeds mosquitoes and bacteria. Take action to find the answers you deserve.

Solutions for Poor Yard Drainage

Revamp your garden by implementing drainage solutions that will impact your yard for the better. Work with a trusted contracting team to tackle the backyard drainage issues in your New Jersey home together. 

Install a French Drain

If you need to move water from one part of the yard to another, you may benefit from a french drain. When installing a french drain, you take the excess water from one section of the yard and disperse it into another area lacking water. 

Build a french drain by creating a long trench from the excessively watered area to the other side of the yard. The trench should be filled with gravel. And then, a long pipe is placed in the trench that will carry the water over during storms. After that, cover the line with dirt or soil to hide the french drain. 

While this explanation sounds like a DIY project, the last thing you want to do is dig a trench and put in the work to learn that the pipe is not on a graded downslope enough to function properly. Instead, hire a contracting team to work with you on installing a french drain. 

Create a Dry Well

A dry well is a basin that collects the excess water and disperses it into neighboring areas that lack water. The well is placed at the bottom of a creek or a gutter to spread the wealth of ample water supply to areas that may not be as fortunate. 

Install an Underground Storm Drain

One drainage system that could work for your backyard drainage issues is an underground storm drain. Dig a trench that will work as a dry well. Fill the well with gravel. Then, create a pipe that leads from the top of the soil to the dry well trench. This will collect all the water and redirect it to the dry well to carry the water to the thirsty parts of the yard.

This yard drainage solution is one step to creating a drainage system in your yard that will fix your backyard drainage issues in your New Jersey home long-term. 

Change Your Landscape Design

Many times, you will find yourself with backyard drainage issues in New Jersey after a landscaping project. For example, if you have a sidewalk or pool installed, the hard surfaces leave nowhere for the water to absorb after a storm. This can lead to water pathways through the mulch and other drainage issues. 

Work to create a landscape design that offers the proper grading to redirect water to spread evenly throughout the vegetation in the backyard. An expert contracting team can help you tackle this issue. 

All of these changes combined are sure to fix your backyard drainage issues in New Jersey. Instead of living with a patchy lawn or flooding in your basement, take action to find drainage solutions for your property. You will spend less money on fixing the aftermath of drainage issues when you install permanent solutions. 

Ready To Improve Your Backyard Drainage System? We Can Help!

Our Mikula Contracting team has extensive experience in fixing backyard drainage issues in New Jersey. We know the wild card of New Jersey weather and how to prepare your backyard for optimal draining systems. 

Our trusted contractors will work with you to determine a drainage plan that is beneficial to the homeowner without changing the integrity of the yard. First and foremost, we will protect your home from flooding during unpredictable storms. Call us to set up a consultation and learn how we can help your situation. 

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