Excavation During New Home Development

It’s time to start building your new home. Finally, all your dreams and plans are laid out in front of you. But before the contractors get started, there’s one step to take – calling an excavation service. 

Why do you need a home development excavation contractor when you’ve already hired a building team? The process of moving into a new home starts with the land and the dirt. So what better contractors to call in than experts on finding the right soil and surface for your home’s foundation? 

A home development excavation contractor will work with your land to ensure you have the proper drainage system, the soil is healthy and toxin-free, and the land is ready for digging. Residential excavation contractors will prepare for your construction project in a professional and thorough way. 

Surveying the Site and Inspecting the Land

You may have bought a property without knowing exactly where your land starts and ends. An excavation team can use official survey documents to measure your property and mark property lines. Then, you will accurately know where to place your home without cutting too close to a neighbor’s land. 

A home development excavation contractor will be an expert in inspecting the site. Some of the things they check for are large rocks and water lines. Here are some reasons why it’s important to inspect the land before building starts: 

  • Identify Large Rocks: Digging a foundation isn’t simple when digging into rocks. Breaking up the rocks and removing them requires a different set of equipment than if you were digging into straight soil. 
  • Check for Existing Underground Lines: When you do your due diligence before a project, you will save money in the long run. For example, a home development excavation contractor can inspect the land for existing power lines and water lines that may be available for your use. Then you do not have to start from scratch and spend extra money. 

When you know exactly what you’re getting into, you will not have to delay construction when the digging starts. In addition, planning ahead for extenuating circumstances is way more efficient than urgently changing plans or, worse, paying to fix a burst water pipe. 

Knowing Your Soil

Testing the soil will help you know how solid the foundation of your land is. If the area were to flood, would your home stand its ground? Testing soil can determine how much the soil will compact in the face of storms and drainage paths. 

Understanding the soil is not only important for digging the foundation for your home but also vital for future growth on your land. At the minimum, any homeowner wants grass to be able to grow on the land. Excavation contractors can test your soil to ensure it is ready for plants and vegetation. 

The reason why it’s essential to test the soil is if there was an oil spill in the area that wasn’t cleaned up, you might have to remediate the soil before the building begins. This process is familiar to a home development excavation contractor, which is why they are the best people to inspect and detect toxic soil. 

Understanding Your Utilities

Every new home requires utilities such as water, gas, and power. A professional excavation team can set up your home with the hookups that you need for a modern, efficient home system. They can dig out water lines or extend gas lines to your property. You will learn that construction and excavation go hand in hand throughout the construction process. 

If your excavation contractor finds existing water or gas lines on your property, they can pinpoint the right place to dig your foundation and work around the pipes. Use the expertise of an experienced home development excavation contractor to get the job done right. 

Setting up the utilities before the construction begins will make it easier for the contractors. They will need to access water and power to operate smoothly. 

Permits and Codes

Count on your home development excavation contractor to obtain all necessary permits before the building begins. They will be aware that all construction is up to code before choosing the spot for the foundation. You may feel anxious to break ground and dig the foundation, but the last thing you want is to have to restart if you find out that the code does not allow building too close to property lines. Rely on an expert excavation team to get the job done right the first time. 

Need a Home Development Excavation Contractor?

Mikula Contracting has extensive experience as a home development excavation contractor. When you have land that you want to be surveyed for any potential problems before building your home, you can trust our team to help.

With years of experience working in the Northern New Jersey communities, our Mikula Contracting team fosters relationships of trust with each client we serve. We are a reputable name in the excavation industry. Call today to schedule our team for your home development excavation contractor needs. 

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