For the Greenest Excavations, Two Heads are Better Than One

Mikula offers eco-friendly services with environmental consultants that work alongside us to make it happen. Learn more about how these specialists help excavators operate safely and responsibly.

At Mikula, we’re always happy to see how seriously our state now takes environmental responsibility. New Jersey alone has an impressive 739 environmental consultancy firms offering their services to protect both the public and excavation companies from harm.

Why are those services so important? They matter because excavation isn’t just big machines digging and making a mess. It’s about care for the delicate balance between the excavation process and the world around us. Environmental consultants are essential personnel in maintaining a healthy worksite and a safe community.

The services of environmental consultants

The areas inspected by environmental consultants are diverse and cover every aspect of the materials involved in excavation, with a focus on how displacement may impact the ecosystem and the surrounding human community now and in the future. Here are some examples of their responsibilities:

  • Acting in an advisory capacity for excavators and the public – Environmental legislation is subject to change, especially as the public warms up to being eco-friendly. Excavation firms may not always be diligent in staying up to date with the rules, and the public are often unaware of them. Environmental consultants are well-educated scientifically and technically, while also being well-versed in the latest rules and regulations governing sites. They can advise both construction professionals and customers on how best to handle the excavation at hand.
  • Overseeing waste management – Sadly, New Jersey hasn’t always had as much eco-sense as we do today. Waste can take many forms, and there are too many Superfunded sites in our state showing how bad the situation is. Environmental consultants were involved from the beginning of that research, and will be there to ensure these defunct and dangerous sites are excavated and rehabilitated safely. Check out our earlier blog for a more positive take on what happens to construction waste.
  • Assessing air quality – Excavation involves stirring up a lot of fine material called particulate matter. Particulates are a form of air pollution created at all stages of construction/excavation. They’re composed of very fine soil, metals, dust, or even acids and other chemicals. Consultants inspect a site to assess the danger of these being inhaled by people or animals in the area by studying potential upwind/downwind distribution factors.
  • Environmental Auditing – An environmental audit is a comprehensive appraisal addressing the entire excavation procedure. Is the firm complying with statutory requirements and local/state regulations? Is each member of staff well trained and responsible? How well are all forms of pollution being managed? Consultants impartially answer these questions and more while keeping closely documented records.
  • Consultants can offer legal protection – These records can be instrumental in defending or condemning a firm’s reputation if any legal issues arise from an excavation (imagine how important their services will be in scenarios like the one currently involving Duke Energy’s particulate problems).
  • Conceptual modelling – This is a way that consultants can help firms investigate the future. A conceptual model takes all factors of an excavation into account and offers predictions on how well or poorly it might go. By considering cause and effect before a dig begins, firms can better spot potential problems and take the best action to avoid them.

A relationship that’s in everyone’s best interests

Environmental consultants are valuable intermediaries between all parties in an excavation. A consultant will often be the shared point of contact between the construction firm, the client and any local/state/national regulatory bodies. What’s more, consultants typically handle the bulk of legislative paperwork that many businesses can find overwhelming.

You should check licenses, reviews, and previous client satisfaction when hiring a consultant to be sure of getting the best. OSHA-certification is one excellent indicator of someone who is trained and educated to a high standard. There are cases when a consultant being presented just isn’t viable. What if a customer or small business requires an excavation but can’t afford the services of an environmental consultant? That’s when a firm like Mikula pays dividends.

Mikula’s commitment to environmental safety

The ideal excavation firm cares as much for the environment as they do about your project. Mikula is proud of our:

  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection License
  • New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors License
  • Underground Storage Tank Certified Closure Qualifications
  • OSHA-certification

Our previous blog on oil tanks in New Jersey highlighted just how important it is to take the utmost care when excavating. When we’re on the job we’re thinking like environmentalists as well as construction professionals. We’re a generational company built on family who share the core concern of every environmental consultant: how will what we do today impact future generations?

If you’re a commercial or a residential customer considering an excavation, we’d love to help you make it an eco-friendly one. Review our services and get in touch at the details below!


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