Don’t Leave Your Hotel Underwater by Going Solo

Pool removal is one of the trickiest excavation jobs there are. An amateur attempt will quickly create more problems than a hotel wants to handle. Hiring an experienced firm will make sure your property stays high and dry.

Swimming pools can be a real jewel in a hotel’s crown. They add a certain degree of luxury to a property, but even still, there are many good reasons why a hotel may part with a pool. Pools can cost a lot in maintenance and present a safety hazard for patrons. Or, maybe it’s just time for a cosmetic change in the landscape.

Whatever the reason, in-ground pool removal must be carried out by professionals. This delicate work needs experienced hands and a team who understands the many factors which need to be considered.

What you need to ask before going ahead with pool removal

Cost is probably the first factor on a hotel owner’s mind. It’s also the hardest one to predict without an onsite look at the pool. Naturally, the bigger the pool is the more it will cost. Next to consider is the removal method that works best for the property; this can be a full, partial, engineered, or collapsed finish.

Having all those factors in place will decide how expensive the job will be. You can avoid further expense by understanding the risks of amateur removals; mistakes that can add thousands of dollars to your final bill.

The risks of an unqualified pool removal

Any party attempting a pool removal without a license is breaking the law. New Jersey requires all contractors operating in the state to obtain licenses and register themselves before being allowed to work. Failure to do this can lead to steep fines and fees for the illegally operating firm. These criminals will pass their carelessness along to you through substandard work and you may also be subject to criminal fines if you DIY.

At Mikula, we’re more than licensed – we take care of all necessary pool removal permits and inspections, so our clients don’t need to worry about it. Here are the other headaches we can save you from:

  • Improper drainage – There’s more to emptying a pool than sucking out water. Holes need to be drilled or jackhammered to allow proper drainage. Chlorinated water from commercial pools can’t just be casually disposed of – New Jersey takes possible environmental impacts seriously.
  • Drilling, demolishing, and filling – Pool walls can be made of materials like steel and concrete. Concrete can be a foot thick and reinforced with rebar making for a tough job. Tackling those without heavy-duty equipment and training won’t just be impossible, it will endanger your safety. Filling the pool afterwards with concrete or high-quality and well-compacted soil is also a professional job. DIY here could mean a cave-in later.
  • Waste removal – New Jersey is careful about removing C&D waste. Our state has a list of guidelines, as well as, further rules to protect contractors, clients, and the community.
  • Nasty shocks from electricity or gas lines – Professionals know where to look to find utility lines on your hotel’s property. DIY pool removers can easily impact or sever these conduits and cause serious health and safety risks.
  • Future construction failures – Even if you managed to get a pool removed by yourself, there are laws in certain locales as to what you can do with that space in future. Many states don’t allow anything to be built again on top due to concerns about collapse. A professional can assess future build potential and tell you which options you have, if any.

DIY seems to offer one benefit – saving money. It’s an illusion. Amateur attempts only lead to major financial costs through fees, fines, extensive repairs, and even injury or death. There’s no sense in paying more than you must and no need to endanger your health or your life. Protect yourself by hiring pros.

We’re the pool professionals

We give our clients in the hospitality sector decades of experience plus the peace of mind our work ethic brings. We’re family-run and fully certified throughout the state of New Jersey. We’re qualified to the highest safety standards and care how our work affects our clients and the wider community environment.

If you’re intimidated by the expense of pool removal, don’t be. Mikula provides a free estimate of how much it will cost and a detailed timeline of the demolition process. You’ll know how much it will cost upfront, and you’ll be clear on what’s happening every step of the way.

Mikula has more than 70 years of work under our belt and commercial pool removal is just one of our many services. We offer services in Essex, Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Union Counties. Let us know if you have a pool project that needs an expert eye.


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