Seven Reasons Why You May Need Your Oil Tank Removed

Oil tank removal is on the minds of all New Jersey homeowners with an old oil tank buried on their property. “Out of sight, out of mind” does not apply when the value of your property and your family’s safety is on the line. 

When you find trusted contractors for oil tank removal in New Jersey, you can have the peace of mind that your property will not have an unidentified leak during the removal process. If you are ready to sell your home, understand that any potential buyers will want you to remove the oil tank before the sale goes through. Instead of waiting, sign up for oil tank removal on your terms. 

1. Sale of Property

Imagine this. You have your property ready for sale. You are hoping for the maximum profit as you look at your neatly manicured lawn and new paint job. You find potential buyers that love the home and make an offer. You accept the offer! It’s every homeowner’s dream.

And then the inspection comes up, and with it, you realize what you forgot. The property has an oil tank, and the buyers ask for immediate oil tank removal. Not only is the value of your home immediately going to decline, but now you must find a contractor you can trust in a time crunch. 

Instead of finding yourself in a desperate situation, take care of your oil tank removal now. You will not have to worry about surprises coming up during the sale of your home. Instead, taking care of the oil tank now means you can invite the inspector in with open arms, handing over the survey of your property with a sigh of relief. 

2. Potential for an Oil Leak

Most properties with an oil tank no longer use the tank to produce heat in their homes. Gas furnaces have replaced the need for an oil tank replacement if your oil tank no longer functions. If your outdated oil tank is on your property, do you know if there is oil in it? If it has oil, is there a possibility of an oil leak? 

What would an oil leak mean? What about the water that runs through the soil and spreads close to your home? These questions lead to an urgent need for New Jersey homeowners to consider oil tank removal. 

The removal process is down to a science when you hire a team like Mikula Contracting. We will remove the tank, emptying it first to eliminate any risk of oil leaks during the removal process. We test the surrounding soil to ensure it is thriving and healthy for producing plant growth. And then, we backfill the hole and repair your yard to look as good as new. 

3. Mortgage and Home Insurance Applications

There is no hiding an oil tank on the property. Your home insurance already knows about the oil tank. You must legally disclose this information to insurance companies so they know what potential accidents could occur on the property. 

After oil tank removal, New Jersey homeowners will see savings in their home insurance monthly premiums because the property is no longer at risk for oil leaks, contaminated soil, and other hazards. Find a trustworthy company and get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

4. Renovation Needs

If you are ready to upgrade your backyard with a patio, pool, or garden area, you may hit an obstacle when digging for a pool near the oil tank site. Prepare your property for renovations by starting with oil tank removal. Then you will not have to block off a whole section of the yard that is unusable due to the buried oil tank. 

Maximize the use of your property by ridding it of an outdated oil tank. The investment into your property’s future is worth it. 

5. The Age of the Tank

Oil tank usage dates back decades to when homeowners used buried oil tanks to heat their homes. Now that we have modern furnaces, we no longer need them. Underground oil tank removal from an experienced team would clean up your property and take care of any contamination if the tank leaked.

6. Health and Safety Reasons

Soil remediation is a must during oil tank removal. New Jersey residents should always look for removal companies that are thorough about testing the health of the surrounding soil. 

Our team at Mikula Contracting is familiar with soil testing and removing soil from your property that will not benefit plant growth. In addition, contaminated soil can spread and negatively affect your family’s health– protect your loved ones with safe oil tank removal. 

7. Being Proactive

You will never regret soil testing to see whether your buried oil tank has already caused damage. It could have severe consequences if you find out about an oil leak years later. If you test the soil and everything is fine, you’ve done yourself a favor! Once you’ve removed your underground oil tank, testing will no longer be a concern. 

Consult with Mikula Contracting for Your Oil Tank Removal

Mikula Contracting is a local oil tank removal company that you can trust. We are familiar with New Jersey homes with obsolete oil tanks. Take action on the oil tank on your property with oil tank removal. New Jersey homeowners should contact Mikula Contracting today to learn more. 

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