The Advantages of Working with a Family-Owned Business as Your Demolition Contractor

When the time comes to choose a demolition contractor, you want to be sure you do your research. The last thing you need is to hire a team that does not show up as planned and delays the project. Or worse, a team that does not practice safety on the job and threatens the safety of your employees or family. 

When considering how to choose a demolition contractor, think of a family-owned business like Mikula Contracting. We have years of experience in the industry and know how to conduct professional demolition safely, efficiently, and affordably. 

Personalized Service and Care

Each professional demolition contractor has its own set of standards. Our Mikula Contracting team builds personal relationships with each client on our demolition projects. You can be as involved in the project as you want. Discuss your vision for the demolition project during the planning stages. Visit the site when you see fit, knowing we will welcome you each time. 

When considering hiring a demolition contractor, choose a company that invites you in as part of the family, sharing past projects and discussing your goals. We are always available to contract ongoing projects with our clients. Often, once people experience our integrity and hard work, they come back to hire us for more projects. 

High Level of Commitment

Think of all the traits you want to consider when choosing the right demolition company for residential or commercial demolitions. At the top of the list is a high level of commitment to your project, no matter how big or small.

You should never feel like you are a low priority for a company. Pay attention to how quickly the company responds to your inquiries. Will they see your project through to the end with unwavering commitment? If the answer is yes, it’s likely that they’re the right demolition contractor. 

From the President of Mikula Contracting

“When working with a family-owned business like Mikula, one of the first things you’ll notice is the commitment level of the team members. Our company has minimal turnover due to our family-based culture which contributes to the overall success of our company. It is also very common to see the outstanding work ethic in each one of our family business employees. As a result, high-quality service comes from our employees taking pride in their work as they tend to treat each project as if it is their own.” – Dennis Mikula, Jr., President

You’re More Than Just a Project Number

When working with a family-owned business, clients are often treated as if they are part of the family and not just a number in the system. This is important as you tend to work with the same team members on multiple projects which have many moving parts and it’s much more efficient to work with the same people over an extended period of time.

At Mikula Contracting, we learn about your past, present, and future needs and refer to your project using your name and address. To us, you are never just a project number. Come and work with our team as the right choice of a demolition contractor you can trust.

High-Quality Service and Work

How do you know you will receive high-quality demolition work at affordable pricing? Learning how to choose a demolition contractor does not include choosing the cheapest services. You may run into a company that lies about experience and safety procedures just to get the contract. They are likely to have the lowest prices.

Use your resources as you research customer reviews, talk to other homeowners or businesses for referrals, and interview the contractors. Be sure they can show you a comprehensive portfolio and answer tough questions. 

When the team starts the job, if they stick to the plan and notify you immediately of any roadblocks, you will know if you have chosen the right demolition contractor. High-quality service can be affordable if you conduct your due diligence in researching the company’s legitimacy.  

Greater Stability

Other questions you may ask when conducting how to choose a demolition contractor are: 

  • Do they have insurance? 
  • Will they clean up the debris? 
  • Do they recycle or reuse? 
  • What equipment do they use and is it in good condition? 
  • What is their safety record? 

Mikula Contracting will have reliable answers to these questions and more. When you choose a family-owned company with experience like ours, you can rely on our expertise when you need it the most. For example, a demolition project may fall apart with the discovery of asbestos. Mikula Contracting has the resources and plan of action to safely remove asbestos and continue with the project. 

In addition, we always leave a project looking better than the way we found it. You will never have to worry about a demolition contractor that abandons the project before the cleanup is complete when you work with us. You are invited to the job site to inspect our equipment and watch our procedures in action.

Discover stability in your trusted demolition contractor when you hire Mikula Contracting for the job. You will not regret getting to know our contractors and expanding on the projects we can complete together. 

Mikula Contracting Is Here to Help

You never have to worry about how to choose a demolition contractor once you find Mikula Contracting. Our team will always take care of your demolition needs without a worry on your mind. Contact our office for a consultation regarding your specific project. 

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