6 Questions to Ask Your Excavating Contractor

6 Questions to Ask When Finding an Excavating Contractor

A commercial construction project is a big undertaking, especially if it’s your first time going through it. Finding an excavating contractor and making all the big decisions can be a lot to navigate. There are a lot of choices, and sometimes there are multiple companies fighting for the chance to be hired to complete your project.

Finding an excavating contractor that makes you feel comfortable and confident is one of the first big decisions you’ll make in your commercial building project. You don’t want to just hire an excavator you found on the internet. You want someone that you know does exceptional excavation work and will do it in a timely manner at a fair cost. What else should you be looking for in an excavating company? Let’s examine six questions you should be sure to ask.

Are You Licensed?

Asking your potential excavation contractors if they are licensed, bonded, and insured is one of the very first questions you want to ask. While this isn’t a requirement in every state, you want to be sure the group you hire has the knowledge and experience to complete your job. You’ll also want to be sure they have insurance protection in case something goes wrong. Don’t just take their word for it either. Ask to see proof of these qualifications and insurance before you hire your excavator or any other contractor for your project.

Ask for an Estimate

If the excavating contractor you’re working with gives you a verbal cost estimate, ask for a written estimate at the very least. Have them write out the extra costs that could be added to the estimate and how much those “extras” will be. Get everything in writing, especially on a large commercial project. If your budget is out of whack, in the beginning, you’ll be trying to make up for it throughout the rest of your build.

When it comes to the excavation timeline, getting an estimate can help keep your excavating crew accountable. Make your expectations known and agree on a timeline that is realistic. 

What Similar Projects Have You Completed?

Always ask for examples and even references from past projects. A company that regularly completes these kinds of jobs will have no problem giving you references of people they have worked within the past. 

You should also look online and see if any reviews or other mentions are available to you.  Choose an excavator who not only has a great reputation but is also someone with whom you feel at ease in sharing your project.

If the excavator you’re thinking of hiring hasn’t done a job like yours, you may want to think twice. Maybe you’re building a large 10 story office building, but they have only ever worked on residential excavations. Even though they do good work, they don’t have the experience you need for your project. Be sure to ask.

Which Training and Certifications Does Your Team Have?

It’s important to know what kind of training the company you’re hiring has put its team through. Do they have any special certifications that make them a stronger choice than others? How familiar are they with the piece of equipment they will be using?

Knowing the skillset of your excavation team will be vital in your decision-making process. Finding an excavation contractor with the training and specialized certifications that make them a step above others will serve you well on your current project and for future projects to come. 

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

How long have you been in business? How many years have you been doing commercial excavating? These are both great questions for your potential excavator. A commercial excavation project is vastly different from a residential dig. When you’re speaking with each excavation company, be specific and don’t let them brush over your questions. A crew with great experience is anxious to brag about their skillset.

Make sure you hire someone with years of experience, and a team that’s just as skilled. Just because an excavation contractor overseeing the project has plenty of experience doesn’t mean the team is equally skilled. 

Is Your Bid an Estimate or a Final Price?

Do you understand exactly how much your commercial excavation project is going to cost? When finding an excavating contractor, ask if the bid is an estimation of what the final cost will be or if it is what you can plan to pay in the end. This is an important one. Extra costs and charges can easily be thrown in after the fact if you don’t agree on a fixed price before your project starts. Don’t waver on this one. It could save more money than you know!

Call a Trusted Excavation Contractor

Mikula Contracting has over 76 years of excavating experience. Our commercial excavation work speaks for itself. We encourage our potential customers to check out our past work and talk with our past customers to see and hear for themselves how amazing our work truly is. The customer service and project management we provide will be unforgettable. 

If you have started looking for an excavating contractor for your big project, we encourage you to give us a call and find out how we can help make your project great. We believe your commercial build deserves to have a strong support and foundation from the beginning. Get the job done right with Mikula Contracting. 

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