The Importance of Stormwater Management

Not only does stormwater management protect the land, but it is often a necessary feature to reduce the risk of flooding and other associated issues. Do you need to have a stormwater system installed on your land or in your neighborhood? Even if there aren’t streams and rivers nearby, the land layout might require special considerations for stormwater runoff.

The key is to plan ahead so that stormwater management can be integrated into your construction and landscaping plans. A bit of planning and preparation right now goes a long way to avoid flooding in the future.

What Is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is the system that controls the water when a storm rolls through the area. The runoff usually comes from various impervious surfaces such as rooftops, driveways, and parking lots – anywhere the water can’t seep into the ground. 

For example, rural or open-land areas allow stormwater to move through easily. Pastures and wooded areas provide a place for the water to sink into the ground. But in developed properties, there isn’t as much ground space for the water to soak into the soil.

Many property owners don’t realize the importance of stormwater management until an emergency situation occurs. Everything seems to be fine until a lot of water comes in a big rainstorm… and that water needs to have a place to go. Proper stormwater management systems can be designed with storm drains and other features that move the water away from your home and into the ideal disposal areas.

Four Reasons Why Stormwater Management Is So Important

Why do stormwater management systems matter? Here are just a few reasons why it’s essential to include a stormwater drainage system on your property.

1. Reduces Flooding and Erosion

Water can cause quite a bit of damage, especially when moving through unmanaged land. When a lot of precipitation falls, it can cause erosion in the dirt and flooding in areas where the water can’t soak into the ground.

Not only is erosion an inconvenience, but it can lead to damage if there is too much water. The soil must stay in place to protect your foundation and landscaping features. When huge amounts of water move through uncontrolled, it can be expensive because you will have a lot of repair work. Stormwater management is an effective solution to prevent these issues.

2. Decreases Water Pollution

Have you considered how polluted stormwater can be when moving through parking lots and other contaminated areas? If there are oil drips or chemical spills from the vehicles, it can affect the water quality. 

A sanitary sewer system overflow is one feature that might be part of your stormwater management. Once the water moves into the drainage systems, these solutions offer benefits for removing pollutants and purifying the water.

3. Remain Compliant with Environmental Regulations

Depending on where you live, there are likely regulations for stormwater management. Because unmanaged water can be a threat and danger, many areas have specific rules to prevent these issues. A good stormwater system can improve water quality overall.

Check with your city and county about required water management practices. Then, talk to your excavation contractor to ensure your system is compliant. Not only do you need to look at how the water will move away from your home, but you also need to evaluate how the sewer systems will be integrated with the stormwater management.

4. Prevents Overflow of Storm Drains

If storm drains overflow because there is too much water, it can backflow into streets, lawns, driveways, and more. This overflow can damage properties, roadways, even the municipal infrastructure and make it difficult to pass through the areas. For example, if sidewalks and driveways are covered with water, it will interfere with traffic and pedestrians.

A stormwater management system moves the water in the ideal direction, eventually flowing into streams, pipes, and other features designed to hold the moving water. Not only do these systems work for rainwater, but they also need to be in place for catching the water from melted snow. The truth is that stormwater management is necessary throughout the year, even with the changing weather conditions.

Mikula Contracting Can Help with Your Stormwater Management Needs in New Jersey

Do you need help with your stormwater management and drainage system? Whether you are starting new construction or have an existing system that needs repairs or upgrades, we are here to help!

At Mikula Contracting, we offer full-service solutions for your projects. We provide commercial drainage, residential drainage, and more. Over the years, our team has built a solid reputation as one of the most trusted providers in the industry. Reach out at your convenience to learn more about available services. You are invited to contact us at any time to schedule a free consultation.

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