Excavation Projects: Why You Might Need To Hire An Excavation Company

What Does an Excavation Company Do?

Typically, when people think of excavation companies, they think of bulldozers and backhoes digging holes in the ground. Excavation is the process of moving earth – soil, dirt, or stone – from one location to another. There are many kinds of excavation projects. However, excavation companies are far more versatile than you may believe. Below are other kinds of services that excavation companies provide.

Permit Navigation and Project Management

Many bloggers talk about the simplicity of do-it-yourself home improvement projects; however, most residential and commercial construction efforts require the use of proper permits. Permits are a confirmation that you plan to move forward with a project on your property. A permit will outline the local and state rules and regulations that you must follow throughout a project’s lifespan. The guidelines for a permit change depending on the type of property and the project itself. Typically, common rules outlined in a permit include hours of project operation, noise regulations, and procedures for material delivery or removal.

While doing a project on your home by yourself may seem appealing, it can quickly become hard to keep track of your projects’ permits and deadlines. A licensed excavation company can not only help you manage your property’s required permits, but also they can develop a project timeline for you. Having a professional navigate your project’s management will ensure that you stay ahead of schedule and within your budget.

Demolition and Removal Services

Residential Home and Garage Demolition

Excavation companies can do more than merely excavate a property. Excavation projects often use machinery that is also used in demolition and removal services. This is why excavation companies are versatile in their services – their equipment is multifaceted. Some projects will be similar in scope, regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial. However, residential demolition and commercial demolition are very different services. Many excavation companies specialize in at least one of these demolition services.

Residential home demolition and garage demolition both require concise preparation. An excavation company can walk you through the process of demolition. Your home will require inspection before you move forward with demolition, which is a service that some excavation companies offer. The home’s structural integrity needs to be examined. Risks or hazards must also be noted, such as the presence of wood rot, mold, or hazardous materials. Knowing where these weaknesses lie will help the company engineer a safe demolition.

An excavation company can also assist you with disconnecting services and utilities before moving forward with demolition. These services can include disconnecting gas lines, sewage connections, water lines, and electric lines. It is imperative that the gas and electricity lines are disconnected. If they are active during a demolition, then you pose a serious health risk both to your property and to your neighbors.

Your garage may have a large amount of piping underneath it, then this may require removal by hand. If you are planning to build a new home on the land where the demolished home sat, an excavation company can assist with the first steps of building the new home as well. Rather than having to work with different project managers on a demolition and an excavation, working with a licensed excavation contractor can save you time and money since they can provide both services.

Drainage Services

Residential Vs. Commercial Drainage

The solutions to drainage problems on residential and commercial properties will vary depending on the property’s issues. Problems leading to improper drainage include the slope of the property, the quality of the soil, and the property’s existing drainage system. Remember that you typically need permits in drainage construction projects, and the permit’s requirements will change depending on the property’s type and location. A contractor can help you navigate the nuances between these property types.

The Risks of Rainwater

Excavation companies can help navigate the drainage needs of both commercial and residential properties. Rainwater is a common cause of damage on properties that lack proper drainage. Rainwater follows the flow of gravity, so oftentimes rainwater will accumulate in the areas of your property that are the deepest. Improper rainwater drainage can lead to soil erosion, which in turn will slowly destroy grass and plants. Sometimes a solution to rainwater damage is to introduce plants that help facilitate the absorption of water in soil. However, when rainwater leads to more complex damages, there are other drainage solutions for you to choose from. Excavation companies can work with you to decide the best drainage solution for your property.

In Ground Drainage, Lawn, and Backyard Drainage Solutions

Some drainage systems are located in the ground. These pipe or trench systems can carry water from your property to proper water reclamation sites. If your lawn or backyard is facing soil erosion problems or drainage problems, then resolving this problem is imperative. If water pools around your property as opposed to properly draining outside of it, then you risk damaging your home’s foundation. In ground drainage systems can resolve many of these risks, and excavation companies can install them for you.

Driveway Drainage Solutions

People typically overlook driveways as a cause of water drainage problems. Most driveway pavements consist of nonporous materials, meaning that water cannot slip through the pavement. This can cause water to pool on your driveway. Driveway drainage problems are often caused by a driveway being flat. By installing a sloped driveway, water can simply run down your property and into street-side storm drains. If your property is not sloped, then installing trenches on the sides of your driveway will help improve the drainage. Driveway drains are installed with a metal grate on top of them, which makes them easy to clean and safe to walk over. Excavation companies can assist with both re-sloping your driveway and installing trenching around it.

Seepage Pit Installation

Seepage pits are one way to collect the black and gray water that develops in a septic tank. They are dug very deep into the ground and they are installed vertically. By installing a seepage pit deep in the ground, anaerobic bacteria can process most of the waste water. Anaerobic bacteria are an organism that does not require oxygen to grow or survive. Seepage pits commonly use anaerobic bacteria to treat waste water, so understand that not all bacteria are necessarily bad.  Seepage pits treat water inside a tank before returning clean water to the local water table. If your seepage pit is not designed to drain properly, then you risk flooding your yard with waste water. Seepage pits can be a great option for homeowners who need to treat their wastewater. An excavation company can ensure the proper installation of the seepage pit.

Delivery and Removal Services

Trucking and Material Delivery

Excavation companies own a large fleet of trucks that are capable of delivery materials. Even if you are working on a project that does not require excavation, an excavation company can still assist you in the delivery of materials. The most common materials include sand, stone, or filler materials such as soil. If you are working on an excavation project, then working with an excavation company that offers material delivery services will save you time and money.

Underground Oil Tank Scan and Removal

Years ago, when heating homes, they relied on petroleum products stored in underground tanks made of steel. However, the problem with using a tank made of steel is that steel rusts over time. When the rust corrodes a hole in the tank, all of the tanks’ contents spill into the environment. They no longer make modern oil tanks out of steel, due to the environmental hazard that they pose.

The old-fashioned steel tanks were widely used in New Jersey for many years, so scanning your property for an old oil tank is necessary for both the health of your property and for the health of your family. Licensed excavation companies can help scan your property for these old tanks. This is particularly important if you are looking to buy or sell a residential property. Because the tank has dangerous contents, carefully and safely removing it from the ground is a specialized task. An excavation company can remove it for you without causing harm to your home or property.

Snow Removal

For commercial properties, excavation companies can offer snow removal services. Since excavation companies own a large fleet of trucks, it is easy for them to attach plows for inclement weather conditions. By contracting out an excavation company to remove your property’s snow, you can ensure that customers and employees can safely visit your property during the winter. In the event of unexpected heavy snowfall, excavation companies can offer emergency snow removal services as well.

Excavation companies are capable of more than moving dirt around. They can manage your project and help you receive proper permits. Excavation companies can work with both residential and commercial property owners to demolish an old structure, improve a drainage system, or deliver and remove materials. Do not attempt to do major projects by yourself: if you install something incorrectly or if you miss a crucial construction step, then you will only have to pay more money to fix your mistake. Work with an excavation company to see that your project is safe and well managed.

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