The Cost-Effective Benefits of Pool Removal

While it’s fun to have a private swimming pool at your home, there are definitely pros and cons to be considered. The reality is that a pool isn’t actually an investment. Even though it’s a luxury feature, it requires both time and money to maintain. Additionally, many homeowners are worried about liability concerns if an accident happens on their property.

If you currently have a pool and you are thinking about getting rid of it, then it’s time to call a pool removal contractor in New Jersey. The reality is that swimming pool removal requires special care and expertise to take out all of the materials and also fill in the hole that is left behind.

Inground pool removal can be a great choice. Think about all of the ways you can use the extra space in your yard after removing the pool. If you are thinking about this change, then talk to our team to learn more about both the financial and lifestyle benefits you will enjoy after the pool removal process is over.

What You Can Save Money on By Removing Your Pool

Add up the costs you are spending on pool-related expenses, and you will see that you will start saving quite a bit of money over time. Even though there is a cost to hiring a pool removal contractor, these expenses are offset in the future because you are no longer spending cash to maintain and care for the swimming pool. 

Here are just a few ways you will start saving money in the future.

Professional Maintenance

Even though professional maintenance only needs to happen occasionally, these costs can still add up over time. Some homeowners bring in a maintenance team once or twice a year for a quick inspection and any repairs that might be needed.

On the other hand, there are homeowners who don’t want to worry about pool maintenance. So, they hire a professional maintenance team to come regularly for general cleaning, upkeep, and opening/closing services. While it’s nice to have these services, they definitely come with a high price tag.

Maintenance Equipment

How much money do you spend on maintenance equipment? Not only do you have the initial equipment costs when the swimming pool is installed, but these items occasionally need to be replaced over time.

It’s essential to ensure that all maintenance equipment is working properly to ensure the safety and quality of the water. For example, you need to have pumps and filters that move the water through efficiently and remove any debris. If the filter or pump goes out, then you can expect the equipment replacement to be several hundred dollars… or even more! The more complicated your maintenance system, the more expensive it will be when you need to repair or replace the system.

Repair Services

Even if you are proactive about regular maintenance and care, it’s inevitable that things will break at some point. Most homeowners don’t have the skills to repair a swimming pool, which is why they must call an expert contractor for help.

Repair services range from the equipment (as mentioned above), to broken tiles or even a leaking swimming pool. Other repairs might involve the water heating system, electrical wiring, or the swimming pool cover. Also, think about how much money you have spent on repairs for other areas surrounding the pool, such as the pool house, bathroom, and changing rooms, or cabanas.

Water Treatment Chemicals

It’s critical to maintain balanced pH levels, because the quality of the water affects the health of everyone swimming. Water treatment chemicals are not optional. You need to be treating the water regularly, and also testing the pH levels to make sure it is in the ideal zone.

Specific water treatment chemicals depend on the type of system that you have. The most common products include chlorine, shock, balancers, and algaecide. Since the chemicals will be in the water and your loved ones will be swimming, you want to make sure you are buying quality, trusted products. 

Also, think about how this process can be time-consuming. If you had to put a dollar amount on the time that you are spending, what would that be worth? Your time is valuable. Yes, you might be saving money by doing it yourself, but no matter if you DIY or hire a pool maintenance company – it always costs time and money.

Pool Toys

When everyone is in the pool, you want to make sure they are staying entertained! Homeowners often have a big bucket of pool toys available, ranging from a swimming pool volleyball net to diving toys and water games.

Depending on your family demographics, you might have games for both adults and children. While it’s nice to have the variety, these expenses can add up over time. If the toys get broken or you want to buy a new pool game, consider how much you are spending each year.

Pool Accessories

Some pool accessories are necessary to ensure safety in the water. Always have life jackets and flotation devices on hand so that inexperienced swimmers can enjoy the swimming pool without being at risk.

Other accessories might include floating rafts, goggles, furniture and chairs, towels, and more. It often feels like an endless supply of pool accessories are needed to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Other Savings

Also, consider some of the other expenses that you are paying to maintain a backyard swimming pool. When you hire a pool removal contractor in New Jersey, it means that you can reduce your liability insurance costs, decrease your water bills, and even benefit from decreased property taxes or improvements in your home value

Ready to Take the Leap and Remove Your Pool?

While it can be costly to demolish your inground poo it can often provide you with new opportunities to utilize your yard especially if your pool currently goes unused. Mikula Contracting is here to help when you need to hire a pool removal contractor in New Jersey. We offer full-service pool demolition and more. You simply provide site access to the pool area, and we will handle all of the details. Our team is licensed and insured – reach out to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate.

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