5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Excavation Contractor

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Excavation Contractor

You may see all the DIY projects on TV and Instagram and decide that you can take on a number of projects by yourself. But when it comes to excavation work, that is in a category of its own. For example, taking on the excavation of a concrete slab or an in-ground swimming pool can cause irreversible property damage. Instead of risking a disastrous construction project that will likely result in calling on a professional excavation contractor for help anyway, you can start the project right by calling them from the start. 

Read on to learn about the reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor. 

Top-Notch Equipment

When you hire a professional excavation contractor, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to level out a piece of rocky soil or dig out a foundation on a construction site for your home. In addition, you won’t need to purchase fancy machinery or tools when professional excavation companies have their own top-of-the-line equipment. 

One of the reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor is that they won’t just rely on a pickaxe and a shovel to break up your old fiberglass swimming pool. An excavator, backhoe, front-end loader, and cranes are just a few pieces of machinery that a professional excavator would have on hand. The team is trained to operate this machinery safely. 

With the proper equipment, your project will go from a weeks-long endeavor to something that can be done in an afternoon. Hire a professional excavator to get the job done efficiently and correctly. 


When you invite a skilled excavator onto a building site, there is a possibility that things could go wrong. An excavating company with years of experience will only allow people on the excavating job that are covered by insurance. One of the many reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor is their insurance. Ask professional excavation services about their safety and insurance policies before hiring them. How they answer the question will reveal the quality of the company and how prepared they are. Hiring an excavation crew with proper insurance will reduce the risk of accidents during your excavation project.

Also, insurance will cover any equipment or property damaged during the project. For example, if you dig and hit a water line, insurance will cover those costs to fix the city water source.  

Expertise and Training

As you may wonder what reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor, you must first know that excavation services require much more than digging a hole. Excavation services are vital to preparing land for a big construction project or cleaning out an oil spill. If you skip your due diligence in getting the excavation piece of your construction project done right, the whole project may have severe consequences. 

Here are some examples of projects that would serve as reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor: 

  • In-Ground Pool Removal: Use an excavation team to remove the large, heavy pieces of an old decrepitated pool. The team will finish the project from the pool removal to the backfill of the proper dirt, compacting the soil, and leveling the ground once the project is over. 
  • Removal of an Underground Oil Tank: Let an excavation team handle the sensitive project of removing an underground oil tank. An oil spill is the last thing you want on your property. They can take care of this project safely and professionally. 
  • Removal of a Concrete Slab: You may have an old concrete slab to remove that was under an old garage or shed on your property. This is a reason to hire a professional excavation contractor to break up the slab and remove the chunks of concrete without hitting underground gas lines or causing damage to your property. 
  • Digging a New Foundation: If you are building a home that you would like to last for hundreds of years, it’s a good idea to make sure you get the foundation right. Let this be a reason to hire a professional excavation contractor.
  • Leveling Rocky Soil for Construction: An excavation team can prepare the land for a construction project by removing trees and leveling out the rocky soil. 
  • Clearing the Soil after an Oil Spill: Another of many reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor is soil cleanup. For example, an excavation team can remediate the contaminated soil and backfill with fresh, clean material.Let the professionals take on these complex projects for you. You will end up saving money in the long run when you don’t risk the dangers that can come with a DIY construction project. 


Along with having insurance, the reasons to hire a professional excavation contractor include the safety procedures that an excavation team will be prepared to implement. They will have a map of nearby gas and water lines. They would have safety measures in place if they were to accidentally hit a gas source. When you hire a team that wears proper safety protection and knows what to do when something goes wrong, you reduce the risk surrounding your excavation project. 

Excavation Mistakes Can Be Costly

If an excavation mistake were to occur during a DIY project, the error could lead to thousands of dollars in repair, not to mention reparation for a person’s injury or life. Imagine some risks that come with excavation work, like a pit collapsing in on machinery and workers, hitting an overhead power line, or hitting an underground gas line. Be sure to consider these risks and how to mitigate them all as a reason to hire a professional excavation contractor

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