Can Excavating Your Yard Be a DIY Project?

You may think it is a waste of money to hire a yard excavation contractor when all you need to do is move around dirt. The truth is that an excavation project can be extensive, and simple mistakes can be costly. Hiring a trusted excavation team will ensure the project finishes without a hitch. 

And the best part is if a mistake does occur, it’s on the yard excavation contractor instead of coming out of your pocket to fix it. Hire professionals to get the job done right. 

There are many advantages to hiring a certified team for your yard excavation. Primarily, the team will have an advantage over your DIY knowledge because of their years’ worth of experience. Read on to learn how a yard excavation contractor can benefit you. 

Having the Right Tools

As with any DIY home improvement project, you are limited to the tools you have in your garage. If you have a project that requires excavation, you can benefit from tools that a professional team would bring in. Here are some examples of excavation projects: 

  • Pool Removal: How hard can it be to remove a pool? Well, once you have the pool drained, the water source disconnected, and the surface broken into pieces, you’ve only just begun. Hauling out chunks of concrete or fiberglass takes manpower, a large vehicle, wheelbarrows, and fence removal. Using a yard excavation contractor will make the job move smoothly. 
  • Slab Removal: If you have a shed or garage that needs to be removed from the property to make room for a pool or playground, it will require slab removal. Once the concrete is removed, the soil gets prepped for the next project and often requires a yard excavation contractor. 
  • Flattening of Land for Grass: An excavation team can bring in the equipment to comb and level your land to lay the sod for grass installation. Sometimes the soil is not rich enough to nourish the grass. Rocky soil will not yield healthy grass, and a yard excavation contractor can evaluate the earth before wasting money on laying sod. 
  • Pipe Repair: Perhaps you have a water leak or a sprinkler system you would like to install. An excavation team will know where to dig and how to resolve the issue quickly. 

Each project is unique, and most projects require a yard excavation contractor to bring in their equipment and tools to complete the task efficiently. Sure, you could break up a slab and move it piece by piece into your truck and to the dump, but you will benefit significantly from hiring a professional team with the right tools. 

Safety Concerns

During excavation work, digging around water lines and gas lines is required. This can sometimes result in an accidental rupture of an existing pipe. These mistakes can be costly and dangerous, especially if you are unsure what to do next. However, a yard excavation team has the knowledge and tools to take care of the mistake. In fact, they have the expertise to prevent any costly mistakes. 

If the unexpected happens during your excavation project, your professional excavation team will have insurance to take care of the mistake. Likewise, if someone gets hurt on the job, the hired team knows how to take care of its team members. 

Getting the Job Done Fast

Do you have an excavation project that is delaying your backyard dreams? Whether you need to dig to lay a pool or would like to remove a patio to install a deck, you can escalate the project by hiring an excavation team. Rather than working Saturday after Saturday, removing large chunks of your patio, and transporting them to the dump, the yard excavation contractor can take care of it in a day or two. 

An excavation team will bring in their excavator, trucks, and crew to work through the project quickly so that you can get onto the fun part. 

Experience Is the Best Teacher

As with any excavation project, surprises can occur along the way. For example, maybe you wish to dig for a new pool installation and find a layer of rock that you do not have the equipment to break through. Or you do not have the tools to replace the pipe once you reach the damaged area. 

A professional excavation team has seen it all and will be prepared for any surprises that come up during the excavation project. In addition, you can count on the experience of your hired team to take care of any problems as they occur.

Need to Find a Trusted Yard Excavation Contractor in New Jersey? We Can Help!

You don’t have to worry about damage to your property when you choose Mikula Contracting over a yard excavation DIY project. We can use our expertise to get your excavation project done without any mishaps that may require more money out of your pocket. Call us today to hire a trusted yard excavation contractor. 

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