Winter Excavation: What You Need to Know

Are excavation projects happening in the winter? Are excavation services available in the winter? For breaking through frozen ground, is the cost higher? You may have several questions about winter excavation. While winter sounds like a great time to hire a construction team for a project that you’d like done by the spring, you want to be sure of the feasibility. 

Is Winter a Good Time for Beginning an Excavation Project?

Many excavation companies can experience a slow time in the winter months. People assume that the ground is too frozen to start on winter construction projects. This may be true for parts of the country, but at Mikula Contracting, winter excavation is readily available. Our team is able to focus on your excavation project and, with the use of frozen ground tools and soil warming, can get the job done even quicker in some cases. 

With countless deadlines approaching for construction projects in the spring, why not start on excavation work now? When you have an experienced team that is ready to work, there is no reason to delay. Leave it up to the experts to find the best methods for winter excavation NJ. 

How Cold Weather Affects Construction Projects

Temperatures must be below freezing for weeks in order for the top layer of earth to be frozen ground. If you are digging for the foundation of a home, then it is possible that the land is not frozen most of the winter. A winter excavation project can be done throughout most of the year. For the times that temperatures are below freezing and ice and snow come into the picture, then excavation work can be affected. 

  • Snow and Ice: Dangers are possible when you mix snow and ice with an excavation project. The team is more susceptible to injuries on the job if they slip and fall. Mixing water with electrical equipment can also be worrisome. But with an experienced team, there are ways to work around it by using tarps to cover the construction area during a snowstorm. And each company has procedures for getting a job done right during a winter storm in New Jersey.  
  • Consistent Below-Freezing Temperatures: With freezing temperatures, the ground can become rock hard and seemingly challenging to dig out. It isn’t often that temperatures stay below freezing at all hours of the day for weeks at a time. The ground can be soft and pliable if the sun is coming out and warming it.

Of course, cold temperatures do change the way things are done for a winter excavation project. But with an experienced team, tweaking a project to accommodate cold weather is just a regular day on the job. With a trusted team, you don’t have to worry about how they are going to execute the project. You can just enjoy the full attention of a winter excavation NJ team. 

Pros and Cons of Breaking Ground in the Winter

As with any excavation project, there are pros and cons to breaking ground during the winter. Depending on the project, the pros can outweigh the cons, and you can reap many benefits. If you have questions on a specific idea, contact Mikula Contracting to determine if their team is up for the job. 

Pros of Winter Excavation

It can seem impossible to be able to take on a commercial building project during the winter. Leave it up to the experts to determine if winter excavation is impossible or not. Here are some great things about breaking ground in the winter: 

  • Not the busy period: Many construction companies experience a lull in business during the winter. When you hire a team for winter excavation, they will be able to give their undivided attention to your project. Rather than balancing multiple projects at once, your project will be the top priority. 
  • More workforce: Often, more workers are available for one specific project during the winter months. Because construction companies are not being bombarded with contracts through the winter, they will be able to send more workers to your site. This will minimize the timeline of the project. 
  • No waiting: Winter is a long time to wait out an urgent construction project. Time is money, and if you own the property and it is just sitting there without movement, all that money is lost. Construction projects during the winter may come with some extra costs, but it can be worth it when you look at the big picture. 

Suppose you finally just sold your house, and now you have to wait until Spring to get started on the construction of your new home? Those months of waiting can be excruciating, elongating the time between houses that your family is uprooted. Winter excavation can be of great value to those waiting to start a new construction project. 

Cons of Winter Excavation

There is a reason why you don’t see construction workers lining the highway throughout the winter. Winter construction can be challenging, especially with snow and ice. Here is what you need to know regarding the challenging parts of winter excavation: 

  • Frozen ground: If it is a frigid winter with freezing temperatures for weeks on end, then even shallow excavation projects can be challenging to break ground. The frozen ground poses a big problem, requiring special tools. And many times, the soft soil can feel like solid concrete when it is frozen all the way through.  
  • Discomfort of employees: Working in frigid conditions is not ideal for the workers. But neither is 100-degree weather. With the proper outerwear, this disadvantage can be quickly addressed. And with a trailer or warming tent on-site, the workers will have a chance to warm up between tasks and stay relatively comfortable. 

It is essential to know the downside of starting a winter excavation project before beginning the project. Speak to an excavation contractor NJ about how they work around the cons and if starting your construction in the winter is worth it. These disadvantages are not deal-breakers. It can take some creativity to begin a construction project during the winter. 

Winter Weather Digging and Excavation Advice

For excavation contracting advice, it is essential to know that the soil is not as hard as a rock most of the winter. Even if the temperatures are dipping through each night, the sun comes out during the day and warms the top layer of soil. Do not just assume that the project will be too challenging to take on during the winter. 

Another item of advice is to use water to warm and dig through the soil. High pressured water can be an effective way to dig through the frozen ground. And it’s not as expensive as some of the other tools or warming-soil methods. 

And lastly, if you are losing money waiting to start a construction project, pay the additional cost to start your winter excavation today. You will have your project completed earlier than usual and put the money you’re losing toward getting the job done. 

Tips for Winter Commercial Excavation Projects

With the real estate market booming right now, there isn’t time to wait for winter to be over to start on a commercial excavation project. You want to maximize your investment and get started on the project right away. 

If the extra cost is what’s keeping you from diving into a winter excavation project, then find ways to cut costs along the way. The project is waiting for you. All you have to do is contact Mikula Contracting and receive a consultation on your project. Our team of experts is ready to tackle your winter project. 

Tips for Winter Residential Excavation Projects

Winter is a great time to break ground on a new swimming pool. Imagine waiting for a pool construction project while it’s 100 degrees outside, dying for the project to be over. When you hire excavation contracting in the winter, you can guarantee your new pool will be ready when you need it. Take a look at some tips for winter residential excavation

  • Be prepared to warm the ground: If your project can’t wait, then be ready to pay the costs to warm the earth. Ground heaters, insulation blankets, and clearing the area of any obstructed shade will prepare your site for excavation in cold weather. 
  • Take advantage of warm-weather days: Do not waste one minute during the warmer days where the sun is shining bright and warming the ground. Get the full crew out there on those days and pile in as much work as possible. 
  • Take advantage of inside work discounts: If it is possible to wait on an excavation project, look for deals from construction companies during the winter for interior jobs. Basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodels are very popular during the wintertime. These construction projects eliminate any issues with working on construction projects during the cold months of the year. 

Your residential excavation project can feasibly be done during the winter months. It is vital not to sit on a residential property, waiting to break ground because you assume the negatives outweigh the positives for a winter excavation project. Contact the professionals before you assume anything. 

Expert Excavation Services in NJ

All of your winter excavation questions can be answered in just one phone call. If you are feeling stressed about delaying a construction project due to the winter, take action today. Do not take your friend’s word for it about what they did when they built on their property. Seek advice from professionals in the business with 75 years of experience in New Jersey. 

You may face some obstacles for your winter excavation project, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Whether it means receiving a higher quote than it may be in the spring, that number can be negated by saving money on time. The project can get completed quicker with a full team devoted to your assignment. And you can save money on holding a property without building on it throughout the winter. 

For your next winter excavation project, Mikula Contracting is the place to call. Our experts are prepared with the knowledge and equipment to get the job efficiently. There is no ground too frozen for our projects. And by taking advantage of the less-busy time, deadlines can be shortened, and your job can be the focus of the team. Call today for your consultation with the best excavation company in New Jersey.

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