Excavation and Preparation: Hire Mikula Contracting When Adding to Your Home

Excavation is the first and most important step in the construction process. Through excavation, the foundations of grand structures are laid out. It is that proverbial single step that launches a journey of 1,000 miles. It’s also an involved, complicated, and often dangerous process. Not just anyone can do it. That’s why you need an experienced and licensed excavation team like Mikula Construction laying the groundwork for your next project.

What is Excavation?

The process of moving rock, earth, and other materials through the use of equipment, tools, or explosives is excavation. The process includes trenching, earthwork, tunneling, wall shafts, and underground. It is typically used in applications of exploration, mining, environmental restoration, and construction.

Residential excavation refers to the process of excavating for the sake of home construction, whether that be an all new house, an add on, a garage, a pool, or any other structure that stands on residential property.

Excavation forges building foundations, roads, and reservoirs using the processes of digging, trenching, dredging, and site development. Unique tools, machinery, techniques, and expertise are required for all of these.

Surveying the Site

Excavation is more than just blind digging. Professional excavation contractors are more than just children playing in the dirt.

Before any shovel or heavy machinery touches the ground, a thorough site survey must take place. We make careful note of the natural habitats and artifacts that surround the site, taking care to preserve these for the future.

Then, sizing and depth plans are determined. We mark out the site’s boundaries before any excavation can occur.

The Process

Once surveys are complete, we can begin.

Typically, we start out by setting out the corner benchmarks and excavating to the approved depth. We dress the loose soil, install dewatering wells and trenches, mark the boundaries of the new structure, and build out the protection bunds and drains.

Drainage is incredibly important, as excess water sitting on your property can cause damage to your foundation and erode topsoil. To counter this, we may install a seepage pit underground.

When new homes are being developed, excavation occurs in large scale. Foundation, plumbing systems, electrical services, and utility cables have to be installed underground. Failure to use a skilled team could cause the foundation to sink, threatening the stability of your new home.

Before we start digging we have to clear the land of undesirable elements. Trees, debris, and large rocks, including boulders are included in this classification. This is done both to beautify the site and to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Removing undesirable elements from your property has a positive effect on your property value, significantly increasing it. Something so important is not a job that should be undertaken by anyone other than a skilled expert.

Excavations for Additions and Repairs

Adding onto your home requires precise excavation. We need to determine the ground’s ability to handle additional foundation before we begin the process. Shoring systems then have to be put in place once the soil has been removed.

Excavation is also needed to fix a number of issues that might be plaguing your home. With plumbing, septic, and electrical units all found underground, we have to dig in order to access them. Underground utility installation, trench shoring, and sewer digs also require excavation.

Who Should Excavate Your Property?

Excavation has to be delicate and precise. Because of this, you want a team that pays close attention to detail and comes fully equipped with the experience, skill, and licenses needed to do the job the right way the first time.

Advanced techniques, tools, and heavy machinery are needed in order to do the best possible job on your property. That’s why its best to hire a contractor instead of trying to take on a task like this yourself.

Mikula Contracting has been serving the people of New Jersey since 1946. That’s over 70 years of high quality experience. We handle everything from new home excavation to additions, repairs, installations, and the installation and removal of swimming pools.

We also specialize in demolition and disposal, drainage, tank scans, trucking and material delivery, as well as commercial excavation, oil tank removal, and snow removal.

We guarantee that your residential contracting project will be completed on time and on budget. We ensure this through a winning combination of integrity and excellence.  

For more information on how Mikula Construction can keep your home safe and secure through residential excavation services, call us today at 973-772-1684, or visit us online.

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